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Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

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Mumbai being the only city where any individual can see dreams, and convert them in hold courage to make it real. Here, people tend to see beyond something which is good for their own sake, and do what makes them happy. Mumbai, being a career-oriented city holds a maximum population and a vast culture of fun, celebration and more, but apart from it more than people the city has the vibes of business, ideas, ambitions, goals, inspiration and new learning. We at Digital trainee resolutely stands in the overall industry offering the effective digital marketing courses in Mumbai with a genuine study guide to share an in-depth knowledge and be an expert player in the industry. We strongly believe on “gaining knowledge in any form”, thus no matter it is a theoretical or practical study. Our team of experts offers detailed understanding in a module format which includes

30 Modules including additional 12 sub-modules of digital marketing. We believe in revising the study material to strengthen the knowledge and hold a clean understanding regarding digital marketing. We have come up with an in-depth learning program as one of the effective Digital Marketing training in Mumbai with some exhilarating courses to enhance your skills in digital marketing and settle you with the expertise. We have successfuly trained 5000+ digital marketers, now we look forward to step in to the city of dreams, and make our individual aware of in-depth learning about digital marketing courses. We being the India’s 1st Practical Digital Marketing Training Institute and now in Mumbai welcomes every individual right from student, business owners, working professional and housewives

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Think Digital, Think Digital Trainee Only!

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About Digital Trainee

We all are moving towards an era where the world is going to be digital and so is marketing. So, now its high time to gear up for the next big revolution & reserve the future we all truly deserve. Here we are Digital Marketing Training Institute In Mumbai come up with:

Learn 30 Modules + 12 Sub-Modules of Digital Marketing

Job, Freelancing, and Business Learning point of view

60+ Live Project Assignments

100% Placement Assistance & Preparation ( Resume Buiding, Mock Interview, Softskill Training )

Top rated Institute on Google 4.9/5

FREE Domain & Hosting

Student Portal (LMS) For Study Material, Backup Training Videos, Placement, Assignments Etc.

100% Practical Delivery Method - Focusing On Implementation & Execution

Outcomes - Meet Our Successful Alumni

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Practical Digital Marketing Training for Job seekers | Business Owners | Working
Professionals | Entrepreneur | Housewives | Students

Digital Trainee feels proud to announce Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai. Mumbai based Job Seekers,
Professionals and Business Owners can finally benefit from our 100% Practical Digital Marketing and allied courses.
So, don't let go off this opportunity!

Job Seeker

Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

Today, the job scenario is changing at a rapid pace. The days are gone when candidates used to confine themselves into the huge pile of books in the name of preparation for job interviews. We have entered such an era where everything is digitized, and which are not, will be digitized in the future. This clearly indicates that ‘Digital Marketing’ is the future.

Recent studies clearly indicate that there would be an enormous rise in Digital Marketing jobs in India, with more than 1.5 lakh jobs opportunities to be created within the next couple of years.

So, join the bandwagon and enroll for Digital Trainee's Digital Marketing in Mumbai, and own a career that others can only dream for!

Business Owners

Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

Marketing is an inevitable part of every business and slowly the world is moving from traditional marketing practices to digital marketing, because Digital Marketing is that magic stick which has the capability to leverage any business from being Local to being Global!

Only reason is enough for business owners to take up Digital Marketing as a source to expand their existing business.

We at Digital Trainee take the responsibility of not only helping the business owners learn Digital Marketing, but also help them give shape to their burgeoning ideas which would surely help their business attain new heights.

We at Digital Trainee welcome all type of Business Owners to be a part of our Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai.

Working Professionals

Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

In this world of fierce competition, every other individual wants to be a perfect professional.

Yes, now everyone can be a perfect marketer and take their professionalism to the next level with our tailored Digital Marketing courses, that has been designed to suit every individual’s customized needs.

We at Digital Trainee are solely dedicated towards offering top notch class room program in Digital Marketing, which not only provides you with numerous job opportunities, but also grooms you to be a perfect professional.

Come, join us and be a part of the digital revolution!

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What You Learn?

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Learn Complete 42 of Digital Marketing (30 Modules + 12 Sub-Modules)

Our Digital Marketing course is curated by some of the seasoned marketing professionals and revolves around the nook and corners of Read More...
modern-day digital marketing perspective like Website Planning and Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Content Marketing and all the latest concepts related to Digital Marketing, leaving no stone unturned. Our trainers are experienced and professional experts. This forms the most critical aspect of the Digital Marketing training program at Digital Trainee.

With each of these Digital Marketing concepts covered in detail under this course, it would help trainees master all of them and even go for jobs that require a specialized skill-set e.g. Email Marketing, Google AdSense etc. Digital Trainee thus brings for you, a few amongst those Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, which would inculcate in you, multi-faceted Digital Marketing skills. Read Less...

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing

Introduction to digital marketing course, trends and future scope.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine

What is SEO, how to implement Onpage & offpage Seo on your website.

Google Search Console

Search Console

Analyze your website onpage issues, internal links with new google search console.

Local  SEO


Learn how to setup your business on google and how to rank your website in local seo result.

Content Marketing


Create visually engaging, immersive content and Make it Visible to your Customer.

Website Planning & developement

Website Planning & developement

Design your awsome business/blogger website on wordpress without coding.

App Creation


Learn how to develope your android app without coding & also rank it on google play store.

App StoreOptimization

App Store

Boost your app ranking on play store, Learn ultimate ASO strategies & Benefits.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine

High your website in the top result of the search engine with SEM.

Online Display Advertising

Online Display

Create brand awareness to your Customer by showing image ads to the external websites.

Mobile Marketing


Show your ads on different types of mobile devices.

Video/Youtube Marketing


How to promote your videos on the Youtube & drive sales for your business.

Remarketing & Conversion

Remarketing &

how to target already visited customer & increase sales by showing remarketing ads.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media

How to engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Fb/Instagram Marketing


Create sponsored ads on Facebook & Instagram using facebook business manager.

Twitter Marketing


Increase engagement of your audience on Twitter & drive sales.

LinkedIn Marketing


How to attract your customer on professional networking site.

Social Media Automation

Social Media

The best way to automate social media.



How to grow your leads and conversion with WhatsApp marketing.

Google Analytics


Analys & track your traffic flow, audience, and conversion on daily basis

Email Marketing


How to run e-mails campaigns to attract the customer towards your product/services.

SMS Marketing


Learn how SMS Marketing will help you in your business to generate effective leads.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation

Effective ways too track Brands Trust or online reputation online.

Making Money Via Adsense

Making Money Via Adsense

How to make money online using Google Adsense.

Youtube SEO <br/> 

Youtube SEO

How to add youtube Videos with SEO Setup.

Affiliate Marketing


Make money, get commission by showing third party ads on your website.

Freelancing Projects


How to create quotation and send it to your customer for any freelance project.

Lead Generation


How to generate effective leads from any digital media.

Growth Hacking Overview

Growth Hacking

Increase your business leads, conversion, & sale using growth hacking.

Influencer Marketing


Learn how to build strong relationship with influencer.

The Advanced Practical Oriented Digital Marketing Concepts

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Trainees would be introduced to Digital Marketing as a part of this module, along with the basic concepts. Going further, the purpose of this module is to give you an idea on aspects like benefits of Digital Marketing, difference between traditional and digital forms of marketing, latest trends to emerge in this field and so on.

This overview on Digital Marketing would help trainees to be prepared for the advanced topics and concepts that would follow eventually.

This can be treated to be a trailer version of the entire course from Digital Trainee, which is a part of Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai.

A module dedicated to Search Engine Optimization or SEO, where trainees would be taken deep into SEO. An exhaustive look into critical SEO concepts like Keyword Research, On-Page and Off-Page optimization etc.

As stated above, the focus here is on providing real-time examples and hands-on training to the candidates, to make them understand SEO in a practical manner.

In simple terms, by the end of this module, candidates would have learned and grasped the art of helping a web-page earn a better position or ranking on reputed and popular search engines like Google.

The Webmaster tools is an essential thing to have for the sake of your site, since it is your entryway for communication with Google and vice-versa. It is a free offering from Google !

This module would help you to learn the Google Webmaster tools, to help optimize your sites for Google. You would be exposed to aspects like setting up a Webmaster's account, how to add and verify your site, submitting sitemap and so on.

By the end of this module, you would definitely be more than a novice at Webmasters.

Things like Content Marketing strategy and overview, content creation, types and importance of content etc. would be covered under this particular module. Candidates would also get insights into how to increase audience engagement by using Content Marketing.

It would help the candidates to comprehend the importance of Content Marketing and the role it plays in the current market scenario. No wonder, 'content' is called the king of Marketing. Understand Content Marketing well, and rest of the things would be much easier for you.

All in all, you would be getting knowledge about the Content Marketing Ecosystem under this training module.

The purpose of this module is to introduce the candidates to Local SEO and associated marketing. Important aspects like Local SEO keyword selection, Social Media use for Local marketing, business listing with top Local SEO directories etc., will be covered.

Application Store Optimization is one module that forms a part of our Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai. We at Digital Trainee would train you with using a perfect blend of theory and practicals, optimum use of App Store optimization to increase your downloads in an organic manner on the some of the major sources of free traffic e.g. Google Play Store etc.

Towards the end of this module, you would be having knowledge regarding keywords, localization and rest of the techniques to optimize your application listing to draw in traffic and eventually bring about an increase in the number of downloads for your application.

As a part of this, trainees get to learn how to plan and design a business website, which includes choosing a target audience, setting site goals and accommodating these with client and business objectives, building up a brand and a tone of voice, and coming up with a page architecture. By the end of this module, students would be able to plan and design a site or an application, so when they are about to begin the coding part, they have a clear idea of the end product. This module does not focus on the coding part—it concentrates on rest of the aspects of web development.

This module covers the latest best practices and strategies to enhance performance on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and pay-per-click advertising. Synchronize your digital marketing strategy to SEM techniques to achieve business objectives through both organic and paid site optimization. Here we will cover the fundamentals of planning PPC campaigns, keyword groups and geo-targeting to get the maximum out of your paid search engine marketing.

Post completion of this module, you will have a reasonable comprehension of how to create an online banner and display an advertising campaign. You will likewise get to know how the online advertising business functions for every single of the interested parties. Being a publisher (i.e. a site proprietor), you will comprehend how to monetize and optimize your income via your website. This module will furnish you with a detailed understanding of the creation deployment and digital display advertising management that includes search, display, email, affiliate, social and mobile. We provide you a wide perspective of digital advertising opportunities and demonstrate to you best practices to plan an online advertising campaign utilizing display adverts.

This specially designed module offers the foundation for you to utilize Mobile as a platform to extend and accomplish your business objectives. This module assists trainees to drive traffic with the help of mobile and obtain better conversion rates by concentrating on understanding the entire communication cycle, i.e., procurement, conversion and retention by means of Mobile.

The Video Marketing module encourages advertisers and organizations to build up optimum video strategy, the right kind of content and the correct procedures for increasing traffic, views and in the end, conversions. It takes into consideration worldwide best practice examples with real-time cases. The module is promoting and communication centered and non-technical.

Our Remarketing and Conversion module is designed with the perspective of helping you comprehend the idea of remarketing and the entire process in general. As a part of this module, we train you on the inclusion of a remarketing tag inside the site code and make a remarketing list. What's more, we likewise show you how to market to the people that are a part of that rundown and track the outcomes as far as conversions are concerned.

Our well designed course module will furnish the candidates with complete knowledge of utilizing social media techniques to expand the traffic on sites. We offer you the practical perspective for every one of the concepts you learn. We show you how to utilize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms, to increase traffic and branding of your business. The training is based on latest social media trends. We will likewise tell you about various social media tools that will give you the best outcomes in getting more traffic and therefore help grow your credibility and brand in the market.

Towards the end of the module, you'll have a plan of how to run Facebook and Instagram advertisements in light of your goals. You'll have a structure to construct your advertisement strategy on, and a more efficient way to deal with Facebook and Instagram advertising. Facebook and Instagram Advertising is a module for the individuals who are currently going with "Boost Post" or Facebook Ads Manager essentially, and who need to enhance their aptitudes to an expert level.

The Twitter Marketing module offers training on the most proficient methods to utilize Twitter for business. Basic concepts - from setting-up optimally, creating a Twitter business existence, to advanced marketing procedures and strategies. The Twitter training additionally covers practical implementation that is important to businesses.

The objective of this module is to give you the complete knowledge and techniques you require to end up plainly as an advanced user, boost your organization's LinkedIn advertising activity and increment your brand image engagement.

This module demonstrates to new users the process for creation of an account, execute tracking code, and setting up of data filters. You can learn how to explore the Google Analytics UI and reports, and build up dashboards and shortcuts. It will likewise show how to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, along with Behavior reports, and set up objectives, campaign tracking and more...

At the end of this module, candidates will have the capacity to:
- Comprehend the advantages and shortcomings of Social Media Marketingbr
- Know how to handle and react to complaints and negative comments online
- Get to know which tools to use for Online Reputation Management and brand monitoring
- Know how to connect with customers and make the optimum utilization of brand evangelists.

This module focuses on advanced marketing methodologies utilizing E-mails, tips and tricks in coming up with effective advertisements for product or service promotion, to ask for business, request sales/donations, intended to build loyalty, trust and create brand awareness. Email marketing is a standout amongst the most effective and customized methods of earning the customers trust.

Learn the best approach to generate a regular flow of sales from your website using Google AdSense, the display networking device from Google. Our experts instruct the best approach to get up and stroll with AdSense, and display classified advertisements that "make sense" on your website. Het to know the way to set up an account, region based obstacles on ad content material, zonal and win sales from ads, and utilize proven placement techniques. Additionally, with AdSense reports, you may find approaches to discover ad trends, increment page perspectives, and augment ad average general performance.

The module will cover the fundamentals of Affiliate marketing and will dig profound into the marketing dynamics in terms of affiliate—publisher site, and the vendor—advertiser site. You will be taken through the advantages of Affiliate marketing and how it functions in reality. The module will empower you to begin your own affiliate venture or will furnish you with the information and skills needed to counsel other affiliate investors. This will likewise help you easily incorporate affiliate advertising to your digital marketing blend.

Generate future deals for your business with the help of lead generation. Learn techniques for finding and verifying leads, getting the maximum out of referrals, and helping transform prospects into paying customers.

Get to know the nuances of working on live projects by getting a chance to work on one being a trainee. We provide a real time environment exposure to our candidates. Also gain knowledge from experts, on how to handle freelancing projects.

This one is a Growth Hacking Overview module that covers various aspects like basics of growth hacking, customer life cycle, growth hacker's role etc. along with relevant case studies.

Build apps that fill gaps, like accelerating business workflows or scaling internal operations. Learn android app creation without coding and also rank your app on google play store.

Social media automation software and apps. The easiest manner to automate social media is by way of the usage of automation software program and apps.

Whatsapp Marketing is changing Digital Marketing. Learn How. Here you will learn how to do whatsapp marketing and what are the advantage you will get after using whatsapp for your business.

Learn how to rank your videos on YouTube and also learn how to monitize your ads on youtube videos.

Learn how to build relationship with influencer.

SMS Marketing is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS). These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive these messages from your business.

Some important facts about Digital Marketing

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internet users


Billion of Internet Users

social media users


Billion of Social Media Users



Jobs Available In India

Money spent


Billion $ Spent On Digital Ads

Why Digital Trainee is Best in the Industry

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We at Digital Trainee believe in rendering 100% practical oriented digital marketing courses, and so, our course is designed accordingly. After years of brain storming and gaining practical know-how, we have successfully designed a course that not only teaches our students the minute aspects of digital marketing, but also build them to be market ready. Among all the digital marketing courses in Mumbai we stand a chance to be different, because we are the one to provide 100% practical oriented digital marketing course in India. Read More...

In today’s world, the internet has brought the whole world closer. And thus has affected commerce tremendously. Basically, Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. Digital Marketing is a vast field to be learned and has many various courses in various subtopics. Thus giving birth to much confusion. Read Less...

Domain & Hosting
Wordpress Website
Individual Focues
Digital Marketing Course Modules
100% Practical Training
Fixed Batch Size
Learning Point of View
Trainer Experience
Live Money Spend on Ads Campaign
Google Analytics Access
Google Webmaster
Latest Tools
Business Strategy Consultation
Placement Preparation
Fees Structure
4.9/5 Rated Institute

New Upcoming Batches

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Batch Time Start Date Duration Branch
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM 30th April Weekdays (2 months) Mumbai
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM 5th May Weekend (3 months) Mumbai

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities, Eligibility,
Industry Sector, Job Available in Cities

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There isn't any such specific criteria for this course. Students, graduates, Working professionals both men & women all of them can join our Digital Marketing Training. There are no precise limitations and also you want now not be from technical history. It is suitable for college students, IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Sales and Marketing Professionals.

Higher pay and more than one career choices are the unique features of Digital Marketing. You can discover Job Opportunities on this field through our Digital Marketing Courses. Shift in Digital Marketing exercise is giving upward push to huge opportunity for Digital Marketers. There are huge number of Digital Marketing companies that provide job opportunities. To a similarly volume, Digital Marketing covers all styles of sectors from hospitality enterprise to IT. It has a much wider scope in all of the metropolitan cities.

Digital Marketing Eligibility

Digital Marketing Eligibility

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Industry

Job Industry

Job Available In Cities

Job Available In Cities

Our Milestones

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Trained Candidates

We have already skilled more than 3500+ students which makes us proud as an institute. We continually awareness to offer pleasant and improve stage training.


One greater aspect which assist us to advantage confidence that we will is we are able to is we already trained a 175+ batches till date. We simply happy with that.


It's actually remarkable to have 4.9 out of 5 from our digital marketing trainees. Thank you everyone for your love and support.

In Industry Since

Our digital marketing trainers have an 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing industry. We can say proudly that we let you be your personal professional with our experts training.

50+ Advanced Digital Marketing Tools

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We at Digital Trainee believe in rendering 100% practical oriented digital marketing courses, and so, our course is designed accordingly. After years of brain storming and gaining practical know-how, we have successfully designed a course that not only teaches our students the minute aspects of digital marketing, but also build them to be market ready. Among all the digital marketing course in Mumbai we stand a chance to be different, because we are the one to provide 100% practical oriented digital marketing course in India.

digital trainee tools


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Rating: 4.87/5

Total Ratings: 485

Our Happy Students

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Digital Trainee have successfully trained over 3500+ Candidate's in digital Marketing. Right Now they are working with leading digital marketing agencies in India

About Us


Digital Trainee is an initiative for those who wants to make career in Digital Marketing. We are educating you into digital marketing due to the fact we think that you have extremely good ability of creating it massive. The handiest detail they require is the need to prevail and the favored talents. We look forward to serve you the best services and help you to make successful career in this field.

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