Our Team

Digital Trainee wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible hard work and love of our employees as what differentiates us from our competitors is our dedicated team. Energetic, result oriented and passionate about their work; our team has it all what takes to make our company number one not only in Pune but also in India.
Our days at Digital Trainee are filled not only with extensive work and deadlines but we also make time for birthday celebration of our colleagues and even some fun activities. Our employees come to work daily with only one vision in their mind i.e. to be number 1 practical digital marketing institute in the world.

Prashant Kadukar
Shruti Narde
Shripad Nirkhi
Rahul Chavan
Aniket Raut
Minakshi Zingare
Swapnil Majgaonkar
Jayesh Pawar
Nikhil Beley
Poonam Lakal
Nehal vira
Smita kulkarni
shankar dange
pratiksha j
Gauri Bhilare
Tanmay Kashettiwar
Nikhil Gobare
Ajay Kshirsagar
Aditya Singh
Prashad Donti
Ankit Sharma
Jayesh Tamboli
Pramod Sherkar
Rohan Fernandes
Nimish borode
Vishal Nagtilak
Ankit Sharma
Nimish borode
Manoj Lakhe
Gauri Gawande