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Students can either cover the missed topic by attending the upcoming batches at 0 costs, or by accessing the backup training videos provided in the portal, with a 6 months access.

Just ask your topic specific queries to your trainer. You can make use of the extra time during or after the class. Another way is to watch live or classroom videos on the portal provided to you (having 6 months access).

100% placement assistance is provided along with interview preparation help. The HR team will provide guidance and help you with the interview preparation, till the time you get placed.

If you have successfully cleared 12th , you can be a part of Digital Trainee (for freelancing/learning). On the other hand, if you wish to undergo the course for job purpose, then you are required to be at least a graduate (any field). Working professionals and business owners are also eligible for the Digital Marketing Courses.

It largely depends on your area of specialization. However, initially, freshers can expect anywhere in the range of 10-15K/month, while the experienced can expect anywhere between the range of 20K-35K/month. Salary is directly proportional to both your knowledge and performance amid the interview, and while working in the organization

At Digital Trainee, we strongly believe in providing personal attention to every student, including those who have already completed our courses, those currently studying with us, and those who are interested in joining us. We offer individual interaction with our trainer, either in person at our institute or over the phone, To take you through our complete digital marketing curriculum. Once you become a part of Digital Trainee, you will receive personalized online study materials and access to live classroom sessions, which will help you start your course with us.

Practicing for an average of 3-4 hours per day, In addition to the regular 1.30 -2 hour theoretical and practical coaching sessions at our institute, can significantly enhance your ability to implement your studies effectively. It will ultimately enable you to apply your knowledge in practical situations with higher efficiency.

The requirements to pursue digital marketing are not overly strict, as anyone who has graduated and has basic computer knowledge can qualify. Whether you are a business owner seeking to establish an online presence or a job seeker looking to switch to a more rewarding career that utilizes your potential, digital marketing is a viable option to consider. Having the willingness to develop creative methods to promote your ideas is crucial for success in this field.

India is experiencing a digital advertising boom following the growth of the every industry. Over time various groups have recognized the potential of different innovative digital advertising strategies. Companies are realizing the benefits of online and virtual channel advertising compared to traditional offline advertising. In today's digital age, individuals with online advertising skills and the ability to tailor advertising strategies to meet business needs while understanding the behavior of target audiences have excellent career prospects and vast scope for digital advertising in Pune. India has emerged as a significant IT & manufacturing hub, making it an excellent destination for individuals aspiring to pursue a career as a digital marketer. The increasing usage of smartphones and digital platforms among the Indian population has led to a shift in marketing strategies, with companies opting to advertise on these platforms to target their audiences effectively.

At our institution, we structure our classes so that students have grouped into small cohorts consisting of 10 to 15 individuals. This approach enables us to provide personalized attention and individualized support to each student concerning their questions and concerns.

In case you miss any classes, you have the option to attend one of our rolling batches that cover the topics you might have missed. Additionally, our trainers are always available to assist you with any queries or questions you may have. Don't hesitate to seek their help if needed.

We provide online study materials on learning managenent system(LMS) like PDF, PPT, All 200+ recording Session, e-book etc. for your convenience.

Knowing programming languages is not a prerequisite for enrolling in digital marketing classes in Pune. The term "digital marketing" itself implies that one need not possess programming expertise but instead should possess a good understanding of marketing principles and creative capabilities to generate ideas that can be implemented in the digital marketing space.

The duration of the Master In Performance Driven Practical Digital Marketing Course in Pune varies depending on the course you choose and typically spans about 80 hours.

Our teaching practice revolves around an intensive study structure, an interactive learning curriculum, practicing case studies of innovative marketing strategies from the present times, and guest lectures headed by industry professionals. The core motto of our teaching approach is to provide personal attention and foster a fun learning culture. Additionally, hands-on practical application is a crucial aspect of our teaching philosophy.

Definitely! At Digital Trainee, we offer the convenience of online and distance learning to individuals from other cities as well.

To accommodate the multiple module programs being taught, evaluations have been conducted at every stage, and regular assignments are expected in almost every session to prepare for them. Additionally, there are over 100 home assignments to complete.

To progress to the next module, evaluations, and exams are carried out at each level, as each module encompasses specific learning objectives.

If students have any doubts, they can contact our institute from 9 am to 6 pm. We are always prepared and eager to assist our students in resolving their queries.

Yes, trainees are provided with a soft copy of the study material. It covers both the basic and advanced topics that will be taught. Also provided are external knowledge videos that will throw light on different strategies to execute your online campaigns.

Yes. Online training is provided. It is provided free of cost to the students, once they join the course. We have flexible timings for individuals like business owners, working professionals, etc., to enable them attend the course as per their convenience. However, they are required to discuss the timings with our counselors.

Certification plays an important role in one's career. It boosts your chances of getting hired in multiple companies. It also helps in getting freelancing projects and more. At Digital Trainee, we happen to provide 17+ certifications comprising of a course completion certificate and an internship letter as well.

Thanks for expressing your interest. Currently, we are having 4+ branches: Nalstop |Pimple Saudagar (PCMC) | Vimannagar | Andheri (East), Mumbai. Our institute happens to be just 2 minutes away from the nearest bus stop and metro station (Andheri). With this being the case for each of our branch locations. For complete Address.

We offer complete job placement assistance by assisting you in: Creating your portfolio and resume. Preparing you for interviews through mock practices and improving your soft skills. Continuously providing you with interview opportunities until you have placed. Granting you lifelong membership to our job support group.

The average salary structure for completing a digital marketing course in Pune can vary depending on various factors such as job role, experience, skills, organization, etc. But an average professional in digital marketing knowledge in Pune can expect a salary structure of ₹2.5 to ₹5 lahks per annum. Compensation systems can be further enhanced with appropriate experience and expertise.

You Can Get 18+ Certificate Based On Your Knowledge 3 Certificate From Digital Trainee (ISO Certified) 15 Certificate From Google (Online Exam) *We Train You And Help You To Get Online Certificate From Google & Hubspot. *Note – We Also Provide You 3 months Internship letter Based On a Real time Project You Complete.

We Also Provide You 3 months Internship letter Based On real time Project You Complete.

As a Marketing Executive, you possess a distinct advantage with your expertise in offline market comprehension and on-field skills. By combining your commanding ideas and strategies with proficiency in digital marketing tools, your potential to succeed in the market has greatly multiplied. As the world continues to shift towards the online realm, you have the potential to become a prominent leader in the industry.

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Yes You can Pay is in installment to know more call our team.

Fill the admission form Book the time slot as per your flexibility Make the payment Join the batch

Course Payment Mode: Cash Google Pay PhonePe Paytm NEFT / IMPS UPI Cheque Debit Card Credit Card

Our refund policy is very strict, as we do not offer refunds or transfers once payment has been made.

The world is rapidly becoming digitized, and it's time for us to follow suit. The term "digital" gives us a glimpse of what this entails. In today's world, every industry is advancing through digital means.

The great advantage of digital marketing lies in its vast reach. By leveraging the power of the internet, businesses can expand beyond their local region, city, state, or even their country, and tap into the global market. With numerous digital channels available, businesses that adopt digital marketing can soar to new heights and leave a lasting impact on a global scale.

Enrolling in this course can be a valuable asset for your online business. Nowadays, establishing your market online can expand your potential customer base beyond regional boundaries to a global level and attract other business opportunities. Our course provides strategic guidance on building your brand and learning from successful online portals and case studies, ultimately enabling you to practically apply this knowledge to your website by the course's end. This will help kick-start your business with a bang.

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