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About Digital Trainee

As we all are existing in a digital marketing generation and coming up with constant upgradation in the industry, we at Digital Trainee offers the in-house digital marketing courses in Andheri for bigger exposure to knock a placement in a reputed companies, or expand your business at bigger platform. We are glad to share knowledge on, and this is who we are:

42 Modules of Digital Marketing

Job, Freelancing, and Business Learning point of view Training

60+ Live Project Assignments

100% Placement Assistance & Preparation ( Resume Building, Mock Interview, Softskill Training )

Top rated Digital Marketing Institute on Google 4.9/5

FREE Domain & Hosting

Student Portal (LMS) For Study Material, Backup Training Videos, Placement, Assignments Etc.

100% Practical Delivery Method - Focusing On Implementation & Execution

Practical Digital Marketing Training for Job seekers | Business Owners | Working
Professionals | Entrepreneur | Housewives | Students

We at Digital Trainee offer a feature training on digital marketing course in Andheri for job-seekers, Working Professional, Business Owners, Housewives, and Entrepreneurs. We welcome every individual to learn 100% practical knowledge regarding digital marketing to enhance their business and get a fruitful exposure to their career. So what are you waiting for? Grip off the opportunity now.

Job Seeker

Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri

The demand for digital marketing is at an exponential rate. In today’s time, the job position for digital marketers are wildly booming and all size of organizations are looking forward to hire digital marketers and start digital marketing at its best.

According to the report, more than 1.5 lakh job opportunities would be created in a couple of years, accounting to the enormous growth in digital marketing.

We at Digital Trainee offer you the effective digital marketing training in Andheri with a 100% practical workings on project and own a career that others can only dream for.

Business Owners

Digital Marketing Course in Andheri

Digital marketing is the only platform from where any individual can settle the business from local to global.

Shifting over the business on the digital market is the only key factor which works X times than running it on the traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing could be the most effective exposure to the existing business.

Thus, at Digital Trainee, we make sure that we help all the business owners with learning Digital Marketing. Also, we help them with their burgeoning ideas which would help them grow.

We at Digital Trainee welcome all type of Business Owners to be a part of our Digital Marketing Courses Andheri.

Working Professionals

Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri

Today, everyone can be a professional Marketer by learning the perfectly tailored courses for Digital Marketing.
The art of Digital Marketing has been designed to suit every individual’s choices. Everyone today, in this world of fierce competition wants to be a professional.

We at Digital Trainee are solely dedicated towards offering top notch class room program in Digital Marketing, which not only provides you with numerous job opportunities, but also grooms you to be a perfect professional.

Come, join us and be a part of the digital revolution!


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What You Learn?

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Learn Complete 42 of Digital Marketing (42 Modules)

The Course we have integrated for the aspiring Digital Marketers is a spot on courses inclusive of all the latest concepts of Digital like Read More... Website Planning and Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Content Marketing. Our trainers are experienced and professional experts. This forms the most critical aspect of the Digital Marketing training program at Digital Trainee.

Our Digital Marketing courses in Andheri provide you with multifaceted marketing skills. With each of these Digital Marketing concepts covered in detail under this course, it would help trainees master all of them and even go for jobs that require a specialized skill-set e.g. Email Marketing, Google AdSense etc. Read Less...

The Advanced Practical Oriented Digital Marketing Concepts

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We introduce our trainee the detailed overview of digital marketing with the help of this module including the basic concepts regarding the course. Moreover, from this module, we determine the only purpose to provide with the detailed understanding on the aspects such as difference between traditional and digital forms of marketing, benefits of digital marketing, latest trends and advancements of digital marketing, and ongoing as well as future scope in this emerging field.

Our motive is to help trainees to prepare for the advanced topics and concepts from this effective modules, and let grow their career opportunities from the same. This modules acts as a trailer versions for the entire courses from Digital Trainee, and pursue the robust Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri.

Our experts at Digital Trainee are qualified enough to understand the effective techniques of SEO. Referring this module of SEO can introduce a trainee to a vast culture of SEO field and understand detailed insights about how it is used implementing unique strategies. This modules majorly delivers the knowledge regarding critical SEO concepts such as Keyword Research, On-Page and Off-Page optimization and more.

From this module, we only aim to provide real-time examples and practical operations to understand the better view of SEO. This module can surely make you an expert doing SEO, as it hold a presence of real art of a web-page, earn a big shot revenue, and establish the page rankings to the top.

Webmaster tool is considered as the most effective and major source of the digital platform as it directly meet the connection with Google and more other big shot websites. We at Digital Trainee give a word to our trainee as this module would help you learn the Google Webmaster tool, and optimize your websites with fruitful traffics and engagements. In this modules, we have covered major aspects such as setting up a Webmaster’s account, how to add and verify your website, submitting sitemap and more.

This module is the key to get qualified person in operating website.

As it says, content is the key. Content marketing strategy, content creation, content overview, several types and benefits of content and more, would be delivered in this module. This module of content marketing also delivers the in-depth understanding regarding unique ways of increasing audience engagement by using Content Marketing.

As content is the need for every website, this module is the only guide to gain knowledge to understand the importance of content marketing.

This module is a guide book to learn about local SEO and associate marketing. This Local SEO module is a heavy combination of knowledge as it give a genuine read about important aspects such as Local SEO keyword selection, Social Media use for Local Marketing, Business Listing with top Local SEO directories and more.

Our team of expert provides an effective study on application store optimization which covers our digital marketing courses in Andheri. We offer you in-depth practical knowledge regarding optimum use of application store optimization to upscale the count of downloads in an organic manner on the some of the major sources of free traffic.

This module will help you build the knowledge regarding keywords, localization, and rest of the techniques to optimize your application listing to draw in traffic and eventually bring about an increase in the number of downloads for your applications.

This is most important module to be considered as the business starts from building an effective website. With the help of this module a trainee can get to learn how to plan and design a business website, which includes choosing target audience, setting site goals and accommodating these with client and business objective, building up a brand and a tone of voice, and page architecture. This module can help to build a website and design it in a better away according to the business requirement and provide a clear view of the product to the visitors.

This module delivers the latest practices and strategies to enhance performance on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and pay-per-click advertising. Search Engine Optimization lets you to acquire business objective through organic and paid site optimization both. Here we will cover the fundamentals of planning PPC campaigns, keyword groups and geo-targeting to get the maximum out of your paid search engine marketing.

We offer robust digital marketing courses in Andheri, where a trainee can gain opportunity to learn about the real-time online display advertising with major key aspects such right from creating an online banner and display an advertising campaign. Our team of experts provides share the learnings about how the online advertising business functions for every single of the interested parties. Being a publisher, it is very important to know how to monetize and optimize your income via website. This effective piece of module promptly deliver the learnings about creation deployment and digital display advertising management that include email, affiliate, display, social and mobile. Our skilled person provide a wide range of teachings of digital advertising opportunities and practically demonstrate the potential plan towards an online advertising campaign utilizing display adverts.

As the world is completely dependent on the mobile internet, our team of experts at Digital Trainee have cleverly designed this module with the offerings of utilizing mobile as a platform to expand and conquer your business objectives with the mobile marketing. This module is an effective guidebook for the trainees to drive traffic with the help of mobile and achieve better conversion rates by concentrating on understanding the entire communication cycle i.e. conversion, retention, and procurement only with mobile.

Videos have already turned out into one of the most powerful and impactful forms of content. So, undergo this module, and be equipped to get started and come up with optimum video marketing strategies, as per the requirements. In the process, get insights into the use of online video marketing for better attracting, engaging and delighting the target audience.

A module that is optimally designed to introduce trainees to the concept of remarketing and conversion. It will take you through topics such as Manual Vs Dynamic remarketing, stepwise remarketing campaign, importance of conversion tracking, conversion tracking implementation etc. Become an expert in the art of using remarketing in order to bring those customers back, and transform or convert them into either engaged users or into paying ones. Remarketing is considered to be beneficial for just about every business. So, what better than directly learning the skill from the experts of Digital Trainee,one of the top Digital Marketing Training institute in Pune.

In this module, we have focused on providing practical social media optimization skills to the trainees, to help them get more traffic and engage audience in a better manner, as a part of their Digital Marketing endeavours. It covers strategies and techniques for all the major and popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Apart from this, the trainees will be exposed to the latest trends in social media, social media tools etc. By the end of this one, trainees will become proficient in Social Media Optimization, and its use for online marketing.

Your gateway for effective Facebook/Instagram advertising. Learn the optimum and specific techniques and strategies to advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for the best results.

A tailor-made syllabus for all those who are at present into Facebook Ads Manager or "Boost Post" essentially, and who are looking to polish their skills and knowledge to an expert level.

We will teach you all the things you need to know regarding Facebook/Instagram Advertising. That too with a 100% practical approach!

Under this, trainees would benefit from a comprehensive understanding of how Twitter functions, and how this platform can be used for marketing and promotional activities. The trainees would be introduced to Twitter based concepts like types of promotions, advanced audience targeting, bidding strategies and more.

LinkedIn has turned out into a platform that has become an integral part of Digital Marketing strategies, and cannot be sidelined. So, get to learn the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing with the help of this dedicated module, and become a LinkedIn marketing expert.

A module that will train the trainees on topics related to Google Analytics like importance of analytics for business, installing Analytics code in site, analytics account structure, analytics settings etc. The goal is to acquaint you with Google's service to facilitate intelligent data collection and analysis for wiser online marketing and business specific decisions.

The purpose of reputation management is to increase the online visibility and attract maximum number of visitors to the website. Its all about reputation creation, building and sustaining. Learn the essentials of online reputation management including things like what needs to be done in ORM, monitoring search results, ORM report generation, tools for managing reputation and so on.

In the process, hone the desired skills required to carry out result oriented Online Reputation Management.

Master the art of Email marketing by learning how to create impact making creative advertisements to promote a business, build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, by making use of one of the most powerful marketing mediums i.e. Email marketing. No surprise that emails are used by the majority, and direct E-mail marketing will result into a higher rate of response along with an increased average order value for e-commerce businesses.

Over here, trainees will get to know how to make the optimum use of Google AdSense for business sites. Undergoing this module will take you through topics like effective tips in placing images, videos, and text ads into your website correctly, different kinds of ads, Adsense code installation etc. In addition, trainees will also be shown how to review the performance of the ads. Topics that will touch each and every aspect related to Google Adsense.

By the end of this module, trainees would be ready and equipped to even earn with the help of advertisements on their website.

Trainees will be introduced to Affiliate Marketing, a technique using which you can either earn a passive income, or make use of it to promote your business/products. Get an insight into how it works and its benefits.

A module that will prepare you to start your very own affiliate venture, or help you gain the level of expertize to counsel rest of the affiliate investors out there. Having the knowledge, incorporating affiliate marketing into your Digital Marketing endeavours will now become easy.

Trainees will be taught effective and proven techniques to boost lead generation, in a practical manner. Learn the art of discovering and verifying leads, so as to gain the most out of the referrals, and convert prospects into long lasting customers.

As a part of this module, trainees will get to learn freelancing project management and execution specific skills, that would prove beneficial to those who are looking for a freelancing career. That too by getting a chance to work on live projects.

Growth Hacking Using Digital marketing covers topics like customer life cycle, basics of Growth Hacking, conversion optimization techniques etc. Growth hacking related case studies also form a part of this module.

Create creative and attractive apps that help boost businesses by serving the marketing and promotional objectives. Also get trained on Android app creation sans coding, along with Google play store ranking.

Your gateway to get a hands on on the various social media automation softwares, apps and tools. Automation is after all, set to rule the world of social media. So, there is no alternative but to learn automation using tools such as Hootsuit, Buffer etc.

WhatsApp Marketing, the latest form of marketing to have become an integral part of Digital Marketing. Gain an in-depth insight into WhatsApp Marketing, tools/softwares used, and more. Learn the optimum use of Whatsapp for effective marketing.

In this module, get to know the tips, tricks and techniques for ranking on YouTube. Trainees will also be given an insight into monetizing ads on YouTube videos.

Major topics covered are, identifying the influencers, measuring them, and establishing a relationship with the influencer. A go through the influencer marketing case studies.

Learn the effective use of SMS Marketing for promotional purposes, and gain the maximum out of them. SMS Marketing turns out to be useful in retaining customers as it helps in communicating time-sensitive alerts, updates and offers to those who have permitted to receive such messages from your business.

The definition of entrepreneurship is that the method of beginning a business. An enterprise is somebody WHO develops a business model, sometimes from scratch, but can somebody WHO purchases an organization to grow it. Entrepreneurship development is a method of entrepreneurial skills. Digital Marketing let you aware of the importance of putting real entrepreneurship for business to let grow your brand.

Skills management is the practice of understanding, developing and deploying people and their skills. Well-implemented skills management should identify the skills that job roles require, the skills of individual employees, and any gap between the two. We are proud to announce our staff members has expertise in management skills as our skilled members strongly understand the value in keeping overall practices regarding the same.

Our staff at Digital Trainee strongly believe in leadership work culture. As we believe the nleadership quality brings both research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. We not only educate our students the best digital marketing program, but we also ensure them to grab the leadership teaching to adopt an effective team and move forward succeeding in tasks.

There is nothing without planning. The one can’t move forward without any plan. Every ambition reaches close to your goal when you have an effective and quality master plan. Digital Marketing is all about building strategies, creating master plans to analyze your online presence. Our skilled professors at Digital Trainee are more focused on master planning that can lead the one to manage successful online presence with a higher engagement rate on the portals.

No matter you invest thousands on digital marketing, it won’t help unless you build public bandwidth. Digital marketing is all about knowing the audience and encouraging them to visit our portal. The public relationship can be considered as a major aspect to life your business on almost every social network. Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment.

A strategic arrange is that the massive image and long-run focus of an organization. for giant established firms meaning a 3–5-year outlook whereas for startups, the outlook may be truncated to 2-3 years thanks to the fast-moving nature of the area. The arrange is an encompassing reflection of your organization. It defines your company, market, competitors, objectives as the strategic and plan of action approach to achieving those objectives.

Sales training is Sales Essential, being ready is important for sales success. Once a salesperson stands before a possible client, being ready with product information, evaluation and a presentation will build all the distinction within the world. We at Digital Trainee own a full-fledged salesperson who provides effective sales training to transform your business with maximum client approach and learn about the etiquettes to talk and pitch your plan.

The most troublesome a part of any manager's job is people management. These tasks will embrace the following: compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, worker motivation, communication, administration, and coaching. We at Digital Trainee ensure you to learn the most important factor of running a business that is people management. More you have a skilled and passionate workforce, more your business will stay near to success.

Media planning is generally marketers verify what these “rights” exactly are. A good media planning can lead to a group of advertising opportunities that concentrate on a targeted audience and slot in with the organization's selling budget. Media planning is usually outsourced to entail sourcing and choosing optimum media platforms for a client's brand or product to use. The role of media planning is to see the simplest combination of media to realize the objectives.

Personal branding is basically the ongoing method of building a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others regarding a private, group, or organization. Personal branding typically involves the application of one's name to various products. Personal branding is the practice of individuals promoting themselves and their careers as brands. whereas previous assist management techniques about improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.

Graphic designing with Canva is one of the most simple and quickest methods to create infographics. It mainly offers good communication and problem-solving through the utilization of typography, photography, and illustration. The field is considered a set of communication and communication design, but generally, the term "graphic design" is employed synonymously. Our team of creative graphic designers always look forward to train students with Canva and encourage to create effective infographics for soft interaction about the product to the audience.

Viral marketing or viral advertising is generally a business strategy that uses existing social networks to market a product. Its name refers to how shoppers spread information about a product with other people in their social networks, much in the same way that a virus spreads from one person to a different. We at Digital Trainee teaches you how viral marketing is done with effective creations to gain traction of your brand to the maximum audience.

Why Digital Trainee is Best in the Industry

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Our team of experts are aware of the digital marketing. We strongly keep an understanding of focusing more on offering 100% practical oriented digital marketing courses, where learners can work on the live projects and experience the close face of digital marketing field. We have had Read More...

worked on the knowing the field more in-depth and have successfully developed the course that not only take our students to learn every aspect of digital marketing, but also build them to be superhero digital marketer in the outside world. Our digital marketing courses in Andheri not only offers theoretical module study, but we ensure to keep in focusing more on practical experiences and more.

We own a skilled qualified team of experts who keeps a business understanding about making a company a brand. As digital marketing bind with several specifications, we have expertise in every digital channels such as search engine, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications to share in-depth knowledge and develop an expertise in students about the field. Read Less...

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Outcomes - Meet Our Successful Alumni

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Digital Marketing Job Opportunities, Eligibility,
Industry Sector, Job Available in Cities

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We being the 1st Practical Training Institute providing digital marketing courses in Andheri hold no specific criteria. We welcome every individual right from students, graduates, working professionals, business owners, and housewives. This is the only course where our skilled experts let learners aware about the every key aspect of digital marketing who are suitably as a student, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, sales & marketing professional’s background.

As digital marketing is successfully hitting everyone needs, it holds a higher pay and multiple specification opportunities for the digital marketers. Any individual can discover the job opportunities on this field enrolling our digital marketing course in Andheri. Digital marketing has owned a huge market and opened the scope of new learning, and innovative marketing strategies for the any size of business.Digital marketing is seen everywhere, right from full-time job to freelance opportunities. Any individual being a expert can get placed and shape the career in this field.

Digital Marketing Eligibility

Digital Marketing Eligibility

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Industry

Job Industry

Job Available In Cities

Job Available In Cities

Our Milestones

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Trained Candidates


We own an impressive records in handling 3500+ students and letting them aware about an in-depth understanding in the field of digital marketing.



In the entire career of Digital Trainee, we have been successfully reaching the milestone of running continuous training batches to graduate every individual in the digital marketing course.



We thank our every learner for their love and support on believing us and making yourself proud as a graduate folk in digital marketing. We look forward to making it more advanced at every possible scope.

In Industry Since


Our digital marketing trainers have an 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing industry. We can say proudly that we let you be your personal professional with our experts training.

50+ Advanced Digital Marketing Tools

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There is no such study without any practical experiences. We being India’s 1st Practical Digital Marketing Institute, strongly believe in providing 100% practical oriented digital marketing course with an effective designed plan by our skilled in-house professors. After taking relentless efforts by our experts in digital marketing studies, and brainstorming is creating unique sketches of planner, we have successfully come up with a course that not only let a learner gain theoretical knowledge, but also let them handle large scale projects and build them to conquer the market through digital marketing. We aim to bring out the innovative learning style where every individual can stand across as an expert as we stand the best in providing 100% practical oriented digital marketing courses in Andheri.

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Rating: 4.79/5

Total Ratings: 551

Our Happy Students

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Digital Trainee has effectively trained over 3500+ Candidates in Digital Marketing. Right Now they all are working with big Digital marketing companies in India.