Best Social Media Marketing Training (Pune)

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About SMM
In this module, we have focused on providing practical social media optimization skills to the trainees, to help them get more traffic and engage audience in a better manner, as a part of their Digital Marketing endeavours. It covers strategies and techniques for all the major and popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Apart from this, the trainees will be exposed to the latest trends in social media, social media tools etc. By the end of this one, trainees will become proficient in Social Media Optimization, and its use for online marketing.


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  • What is Social Media?
  • SMM Vs. SMO
  • Benefits of using SMM
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Why use Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy Dimensions in Posts
  • Impact of Social Media on SEO

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Benefits of LinkedIn Network
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Optimizing the profile
  • Skills and Endorsements
  • Recommendations in LinkedIn
  • Creating new connections
  • Posting content in profile
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
  • Customization of page
  • Posting in LinkedIn Page

  • What is Twitter?
  • Benefits of Twitter
  • How brands use Twitter
  • Profile creation and management
  • Customizing the profile
  • Types of Tweets and Statistics
  • Content strategy for Twitter
  • Post your First Tweet
  • Analysis of Big Brands
  • Twitter Contests
  • What is Hashtag?
  • #Hashtags and its uses.
  • Tools for Twitter marketing
  • Twitter Analytics
  • What is Pinterest?
  • How brands use Pinterest
  • Creating a Pinterest Account
  • Customizing the Profile
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Boards in Pinterest
  • Pins and Links
  • Generating Engagements
  • Using Info Graphics
  • Integrating Pinterest in Site
  • Engagement Metrics for Pins
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Facebook account setup
  • Personal account properties
  • Facebook marketing strategy
  • Competition analysis
  • Facebook business page setup
  • Types of Business pages
  • Cover photo designing
  • Increase the Likes to page
  • Page management options
  • Types of Posts and Statistics
  • Dimension in Post
  • Creative Posts Strategy
  • User engagement metrics
  • Facebook Apps creation
  • Integration FB in Site
  • What is Instagram ?
  • Instagram statistics
  • How Brands use Instagram
  • Creating Instagram Account
  • Tour of Instagram AppContent strategy and Tips
  • Picture Dimensions
  • Filters in Instagram
  • Using Hashtags
  • Popular Brands on Instagram
  • Advertising options in Instagram

SMO has a splendid future and it’s getting to be mainstream for each business. SMO is critical for any business to connect with its customers and increase its reach. Presently, many organizations specially recruit freshers and experienced individuals who have thorough knowledge of SMO/SMM. They are on the constant look of those SMO professionals who can help them to accomplish their business goals through social media with powerful branding and marketing techniques.

Digital Trainee will make you industry ready in a manner that you will be on every recruiters’ radar!!! Post SMO/SMM Training Opportunities:

Post successful completion of SMO/SMM training at Digital Trainee, one would emerge to be a Certified Social Media Optimization Professional or a Social Media Marketing Professional,which will empower you to choose from a variety of social media marketing jobs like:

  • SEO/SMM Analyst
  • SEO/SMM Executive
  • SEO/SMM Specialist and many more…
About SMO

Benefits of Training at Digital Trainee:

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In depth topic coverage.
Training course designed keeping in mind the latest market trends.
Dedicated team of industry experienced trainers.
You likewise have the chance of expanding your income through blogging, affiliate marketing or utilizing the Google Adsense in your own sites.
Practical knowledge based training.
Get a certificate after the successful completion of the course.
Work as a free lancer and get good revenue.
You can likewise start your own SMO, SMM company and furthermore chip away at various SMM ventures that are outsourced by different nations.
Become an industry ready professional.
Become eligible for a large number of job opportunities.

If you want to gain all these benefits, enroll for our training program right now!

Who all are eligible for our training program in SMO and SMM ?

Our training program is not designed only for students. A lot of other individuals also can benefit from it. Let’s check out as to who all can undergo the training:

  • Anyone who dreams of a career in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Any entrepreneur who owns a small or a large scale business and wants an increase in leads and thus sales with the help of search engine results.
  • An individual who wishes to be an expert blogger and take it to the next level.
  • Affiliate marketer wishing to increase affiliate business or affiliate website.

    Most of the other training programs are designed just for students. But that’s not the case with Digital Trainee.

    Anybody who wants to learn is welcome!

    Apart from SMO and SMM, we also expertize in providing Advanced SEO training.

Outcomes - Meet Our Successful Alumni

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