Why Digital Marketing Is A Booming Industry: Reasons and Statistics

At this point of time, the scope of digital marketing in India looks really great. It can be called as a booming career option for the youngsters in the country. Digital marketing has succeeded in having an exceptionally solid impact in the Advertising and Marketing field with the absolute most striking elements like quick response, cost-adequacy, adaptability, convenience and viability. The odds of a bright future of digital marketing in India,  are very high with the ever expanding points of contact.

booming industry

  1. Rise in the Internet usage- Primary reason for a boom in the field of digital marketing:

At present, it is seen that the web has totally changed the way in which individuals used to buy required things and even the way various organizations offer their products and services. Right from PCs to cell phones, shoes to garments, gadgets to books, an expansive number of people are switching to using the web for buying of various services and products. The increased use of web has brought about the development of online businesses which have resulted into a career growth in digital marketing for the job seekers . The reduced Internet prices with everybody able to afford a smart phone has resulted into wider Internet usage. This has brought about a growth in the number of web users in the past decade.

  1. Easiness and success of online purchase:

Another critical factor for the increased scope of digital marketing in future, in India is the success of online buying. The online platform has experienced a total change in the past few years with the e-commerce business still in its sprouting stage in India. It has been accounted for through legitimate research that the thirst most pursued category on the web is shopping. As there is a rise in number of individuals showcasing extraordinary enthusiasm for shopping on the web, investors are of the opinion that its gainful to invest into India. This has prompted to the development of the online business market in India. Speaking about stats, the present e-commerce business in the nation is worth $1.6 billions with a desire of five times growth by the year 2017.

  1. Scope of digital marketing jobs in India:

It is predicted that digital marketing will offer around 1.5 lakh jobs in the year 2017. This number would likewise incorporate diverse types of jobs profiles in the digital marketing space like technical and analytics.

  1. Progress in the digital marketing arena:

The digital marketing industry holds a worth of whopping $68 billions. There has been an extensive rise in promotional campaigns through tablets and mobile phones and this ascent has brought about the high demand of skilled intellectuals in the field of digital marketing. Different organizations in India are discovered battling with development rates of 5% to 10% while the digital marketing industry in the nation is booming with a development rate of 40%.

A few stats related to development of E-commerce and online advertising:

There are around 121 million individuals utilizing the Internet in India and these numbers have made the marketers realize that the web as a space is worth considering. The aggregate budget spent on digital marketing in the country was around 28.51 billion in the time period between March in 2012 and it touched around 43.91 billion before the year was over. These numbers set forward the point that there is a 25% growth rate of digital marketing in India, consistently. This development in digital advertising is likewise one of the primary purposes for the success of the e-commerce business in India.

above things summed up explain as to why digital marketing is such a booming industry in today’s time from all perspectives.

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