5 Ingenious Ways You Can Do WhatsApp Marketing


The Untapped Goldmine Of Whats App Marketing

Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are on the rise. Since then they have been on par with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in terms of user engagement and even media sharing. With so much potential just waiting there to be unlocked, it is just a matter of time that WhatsApp marketing becomes the next big thing in the world of social media marketing.

Why just WhatsApp?

OK, so out of all the messaging apps why WhatsApp marketing is so important? Let’s talk in numbers

  • A staggering 1.5 billion people are using WhatsApp out of which daily over 1 billion are active users.
  • 300 million active user devices
  • 60 billion messages sent daily
  • 100 million use voice service with 55 million calls made per day.
  • Over 4.5 billion videos sent daily
  • 200 million users just in India
  • 180 countries covered
  • 60 languages
Following are the ways to use WhatsApp creatively for your business
1. Use WhatsApp to create awareness of your product

How can you create awareness using WhatsApp? Well here is an example …

In 2015 there was a small experimental campaign carried out called as “Share a Coke”. This eventually took the world by storm as it blossomed out to be one of the best-seen campaign carried on WhatsApp. What you had to do was send a message to a number saying “Can you share a Coke” on WhatsApp and then you would get a reply of custom made coco cola bottle with their name on it instead of the regular brand’s name. This so-called experiment allowed Coca-Cola to gain more than 25 million followers on Facebook.

What we can learn from this is that by creating an attractive campaign you can increase your followers and subsequently turn them into your customers.

2. Give the customers a feel of your product

How can it be done?

You cannot exactly feel the product but actually can get a glimpse of what your product actually is. This can be done using video and audio sharing methods. Sending your customers a video or sharing an image of your product to them can give them an exact idea of how and what your product really is. This is a great way of engaging with your customers’ one on one through WhatsApp.

3. Keep your customers engaged

Keep your customers engaged-min (1)

Keeping your customers engaged and replying to their queries is a very important part of maintaining a long-term relationship with them. This not only makes them feel special but also lets them know that you are really there to resolve their queries. WhatsApp messages are opened more than Email in current times. With over 70% of WhatsApp messages being opened on regular basis, it is evident that there is more scope of connection between owner and customer in WhatsApp than there is in any other services.

4. Use of WhatsApp functions

There are many services which can be put to a good use In WhatsApp. Mainly the 24-hour status function which allows the user to update a status for a period of just 24 hours. A business owner can use it by updating offer related images or maybe even videos on any special day. People can reply to this status and avail special offers only for a day. Even broadcasting message is a very good option of delivering messages straight to your contacts instead of traditionally inputting their numbers. currently, the numbers are just limited to 256.

5. WhatsApp business App :


The Mega App for small and medium level business owners in India and perhaps also the best free business app, WhatsApp Business App was launched in the month of January 2018. India is one of the biggest hubs of Whatsapp users to date with over 200 million active users daily.I t would definitely very impact for local business owners in India as WhatsApp is one of the many apps which have reached to the farthest corners of India be it rural or urban.

The ease of use is simple and is similar to a normal profile creation on WhatsApp

  • Set up the number on which you want to run your business on.
  • Input name of your business and then
You are ready to go…..

A user is able to add many things like the location of his/her business. There is also an option where a user is able to mention their working hours also. Document sharing is made easy with the size of 100 Mb or below.

Quick reply option is also a great add-on allowing a user to reply quickly and swiftly if in case you are busy with some other work or are not able to attend due to some other reasons. Plus people will definitely know they are talking to a business account as it is being listed as one. It is a plus point as according to WhatsApp 80% of people from Brazil and India have benefitted from WhatsApp. This is because they were able to communicate better with their customers using Whatsapp.

WhatsApp business is launched as a free App on play store currently and is available just on Android-driven devices. It will be converted into a paid app and also be made available for iOS devices. Hence banking on WhatsApp related marketing will definitely be profitable in near future. Learn WhatsApp marketing and how it would affect your business in a practical way only with Digital Trainee. Which is India’s 1st Practical Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune.

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