Important Factors To Get First Rank On Google!


Who doesn’t want to be NUMBER ONE?

Right from sports to academics to business, everybody vies for that number one spot. Same is the case with Google Rankings! How to be number one on the Google search engine? This is the question before every business owner, who has an online presence. But, Why SEO?

In the event that you need to target your audience, site presence optimization is imperative. Search engine optimization is fundamental in transforming online traffic into potential customers for your private business. According to experts, at the time when potential customers are looking for business services, almost 80 percent of them carry out search engines based research.

Below are a few ways for getting your website to the top of Google:

  1. Mobile optimization:

With mobile-based searches winding up as such a large part of the online-based search, it’s completely significant that you mobile optimize your website so it is seen by both engines and searchers. As per Google’s manual, the top three rankings on a search page matter much more in the world of mobiles since the digital scenario gets really tiny on cell phone devices.

  1. Off-page optimization:

SEO pros, for the most part, emphasize that off-page link building strategies can contribute to around 80% of the impact in any SEO campaign. Off-page optimization or link building is by a wide margin the most critical activity for helping us in getting our site top positioned on search engines. What’s more, the key main impetus in this is backlinks.

  1. Get found with the help of local keywords:

A standout amongst the most key strides when beginning your search engine optimization campaign is extracting targeted keywords that potential customers will utilize when searching for your local business on the web. In the event that you are quite recently beginning, it’s critical to have practical desires on SEO. You are not going to rank #1 for your local business just overnight. Focusing on competitive areas ought to be done after fundamental SEO objectives have been set and accomplished.

  1. Proper website structure:

Site structure for SEO reasons for your site should enable users to discover the information they need in the speediest conceivable way, this is your primary objective. What goes well with users will in majority cases serve web crawlers as well.

Pages you need to have:

  • Sitemap – Facilitate visitors to effectively find and access the majority of your site content from one page. This would be unique in relation to an XML sitemap for search engines.

  • About Us page – This page helps to provide trustworthiness and credibility to your site.

  • Privacy Policy – Major search engines like Google love to see this in place.

  • Contact Page– Users ought to reach to you easily.

  1. Unique content is what Google looks for:

What Google adores is simply unique content. We have observed the ascent in the significance of content curation and creation as a promotional tool in the course of last few years. Individuals utilize the web to discover information that is the reason Google is giving such a high value on content uniqueness. Coming up with incredible infectious content that begs to be shared, e.g. blogs, videos etc. likewise, has a major side benefit. That advantage with this is that individuals will connect to your site or blog and consequently Google offers you with huge ticks in its search engine calculations all the more regularly back-links are made to your blog and website from different sites.

Hope you got a fair idea on how to improve Google search ranking, after going through this blog.

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