Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers: “Technical+HR Do’s & Don’t”

Digital Marketing is one of the most growing fields in today’s time. As everything today from shopping to selling is becoming digital and is being performed online, the growth of the digital marketing industry is an obvious fact. In such a scenario if you are planning to give a digital marketing interview for any field belonging to this field here is some stuff for your help.

This article consists of some most commonly asked digital marketing interview questions along with some dos and don’ts that you must follow for your interview preparation and during the interview.

Digital Marketing Technical Interview Questions & Answers

Q: What do you understand by digital marketing?

A: Digital marketing is a process of popularizing a brand’s name, products, services and initiatives all across the digital medium. It helps a brand to connect to its user base effectively and efficiently over various digital platforms. It involves learning and implementing various techniques like SEO, SMO, E- mail marketing, pay per click etc.

Q: In how many different segments can digital marketing be divided?

A: The segmentation of Digital Marketing comprises of two segments- inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

1. Inbound Marketing –In inbound marketing, a brand’s name is popularized using various social media and digital platforms, by implementing various techniques to attract users, by effectively using SEO, SMO etc. And by increasing the views on a particular marketing campaign. In inbound marketing, customers are not reached out directly but are lured in every possible way to use the company’s services and products.

2. Outbound Marketing – In outbound marketing potential customers are directly reached and convinced to use a brand’s product and services by making calls to them, through emails etc. There is no involvement of the third party in the promotion of the brand.

Q: What do you understand from SEO?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a technique which when used, helps a website to rank better in the browser’s search results. The most important thing in SEO is keywords and one must know when, where and how keywords should be used.

Q: What is meant by off-page and on-page optimization?

A: Off Page Optimization – In off page optimization a website’s rank is increased in search results by including external links which point back to the brand’s webpage.

On Page Optimization – In on page optimization various SEO techniques are taken care of while writing content on web page.

Q: Describe various SEO practies that are used.

A: The classification of SEO practices can be widely done in two categories – The White Hat SEO practices and The Black Hat SEO practices.

White Hat SEO practices –These SEO practices include all the legitimate SEO techniques to get higher rankings in search results. In this practice, one abides by all the guidelines issued by Google. Eg: posting quality content on one’s website.

Black Hat SEO practices –These SEO practices include illegitimate SEO techniques to get higher rankings in search results. In this practice, one goes against Google’s guidelines and algorithms. Eg: stuffing of keywords, hidden links, and texts etc.

Q: Why are companies drifting towards online marketing now days instead of offline marketing?

A: Online marketing has the capability to reach a larger group of customers in comparison to offline marketing today. With the increase in the use of technology and its advancement, a decline in newspapers and TV commercials has been seen. Today everything from buying to selling is being done on the digital platform as it is time-saving, money saving and effort saving. Hence the interest of the public in online shopping has increased which has given online marketing a greater edge over offline marketing.

Q: What do you understand by keyword streaming?

A: It means that you analyze and select some relevant keywords for your content and then use the best of them in such a way that you get more and more leads.

Q: Give some characteristics of bad links.

A: Here are some characteristics of bad links –

1.  Bad links are the website links not related to your site.

2.  These are the links of the pages with lower traffic.

3.  These may be links of the website which are not present in Google’s index.

4.  Spam links of blogs and articles.

5.  If a link is paid it is again a bad link.

Q: Suggest some ways to get a natural backlink for your website.

A: If a website is newly launched, one cannot think of getting fast and natural backlinks, as the chances of this are near to zero. One really working and natural idea to do so is to write a guest article on a website that belongs to your niche and collab with that website. This will really help you getting backlinks naturally, but remember that the website you are collaborating with is reputed and trusted.

Q: What are certain areas where you will find keyword optimization being done?

A: If one wants a higher ranking in Google search results, it is very important that the keywords are placed very well and at appropriate places. Some areas where one can find keyword optimization are –

1.  In the title of the website

2.  In the URL of the website.

3.  Heading of the content on the webpage

4.  Meta tag

5.  In the content written on the webpage.

Q: Tell some different techniques through which you can market a brand digitally.

A: Various techniques can be used to market a brand digitally. These techniques are-

1.  Email Marketing

2.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3.  Pay Per Click(PPC)

4.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

5.  Social Media Marketing

6.  Content Writing and Marketing

Q: Which website can be called a responsive website?

A: A website with the ability to change its configuration and dimensions according to the viewport’s dimension, such that the user has no difficulty in accessing the website through any device, for example, mobile, tablet, laptop, personal computer etc .is called a responsive website.

Q: Name some top digital marketing tools.

A: Some top digital marketing tools are-

1.  Google Analytics

2.  Moz

3.  Keyword Discovery

4.  Crazy Egg Heatmaps

5.  Stumble Upon

6.  Alexa Ranking

7.  Rank Watch

8.  Submit Express Link Popularity

9.  Favicon Generator

10.  Digital Point Keyword Tracker

11.  XML sitemap generator

Q: Differentiate between direct marketing and branding.

A: Branding – In branding, the brand exposes itself to the customers through channels and websites with a large follower base. For example, YouTube ads.

Direct Marketing – In direct marketing,  the brands directly reach the customers through some campaigns and techniques. For example, Instagram ads.

Q: Are there any disadvantages of online marketing? If yes, please mention the disadvantages of online marketing.

A: Yes, there are certain disadvantages to online marketing. These are-

1.  The customers can not exactly tell with the photographs of products whether they are good or bad. As the products marketed online are not tangible it becomes difficult for customers to decide.

2.  There may be chances of fraud in online marketing and online shopping as everything is through a medium and not face to face.

3.  Many times it happens that what the pictures show off a product online and what the real product turns out to be is very different. This results in a crushed faith of customers for online shopping.

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Personality Check: Digital Marketing HR Questions & Answer

These were some knowledge-based questions which have fixed answers. Now there may be some questions whose answers vary from person to person. These are the personality check questions

Q: Why do you want to be a part of the digital marketing industry?

A: Always remember the person who is taking your interview has the habit of going through a lot of applicants like you. It is his job. So, never try to fool him or trick him. Be very honest with your answer. Is it the high paying amount that attracted you towards the industry or something else.

The interviewer asks this question to know what are your strengths, potentials etc. and if you are self-motivated or not. Answering this question will make him know what makes you different from other candidates.

Q: Do you think your qualification has played any role in your digital marketing career?

A: This question is asked to those who did not pursue a degree in digital marketing but are trying to seek a job in this field. This question may become your ace card if you answer it very smartly.  The fact that you also have knowledge of another field will give you an edge over others but it may also happen that your lack of knowledge in digital marketing leads you to lose this job. So, be prepared for everything. And answer the question very wisely

Q: Have you faced any kind of challenges in your digital marketing career up till now?

A: The employer asks this question to know your ability to face challenges. Do not hesitate to give a positive or negative answer to this question. If you have faced some challenge and were able to cope it up and achieve success, tell every detail of it to the interviewer and make him believe in your potentials. If in case you failed and were not able to cope up with the challenge, try to tell the interviewer what you learned from that experience and that you now have the knowledge to face such situations which may be beneficial for the company.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years, in the digital marketing industry?

A: A very -very common and damn tricky interview question which is faced by all the applicants. This question helps your interviewer to scale your future plans and goals on a scale of one to ten. It also gives them an idea about how much confident you are about yourself. Your self-motivation is also checked by the interviewer through this question.

Remember do not talk about personal goals like I want to buy a car in the next five years etc. Talk about professional goals, goals for the company you will work in and personality goals.

Q: Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in the field of digital marketing.

A: As all of you know one must neither be overconfident nor underconfident about his skills.

This question will help the interviewer judge if you have the capability to catch your strengths and weakness or not. Be very honest while answering this question and do not compare yourself with anyone while answering this question. Talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Also, talk about how you will try overcoming your weakness and how your strengths can be useful for the company.

Do’s For The Digital Marketing Interview

1.  Your CV should be very professional. Mention every small detail of your work and experience in it.

2.  Update your online presence. This will make your interviewer few that you are active digitally.

3.  Improve your personal skills.

4.  Do put an effort on your looks and dress on the day of the interview. Dress smart and disciplined. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.

Don’ts For The digital Marketing Interview

1. Don’t just go for the interview without knowing about the company.

2.  Don’t go without having the gist of all the basic fields of digital marketing.

3.  Be honest while answering and don’t pretend as if you know everything.

4.  If you have any suggestion for the company, do not be afraid to share that with your interviewer during your interview.

5.  Don’t feel or show your interviewer that you are guilty of your past failures. Instead, make him confident about the fact that you are now prepared to face such a situation.

6.  Do not hesitate to show any kind of experience that you have in the field of digital marketing. It can be as small as applying SEO techniques in a piece of content for a blog.

7.  Devil is in details. So do not give too long answers. Be short and precise. Otherwise, the interviewer has the talent to trap you in your own hole.

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Most Asked Digital Marketing Technical+HR Interview Questions & Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions &Answers

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