Top 7 Digital Marketing Certifications To Take Your Career To The Next Level

 Top_7_Digital_Marketing_Certifications To Take Your_Career_To_The_Next_Level

7 Eye Catching Certifications that boost your Digital Marketing Resume!

One of the best ways to make your resume eye-catching, Top 7 Digital Marketing Certifications To Take Your Career To The Next Level is through the mention of certifications owned by you. It would help in making your resume stand out. After all, that is what all of us wish for.

So, which are the useful certifications for jobs, if you belong to the field of Digital Marketing? Well, we will be checking them out in this blog. It would give you a clear idea about what you need to achieve. Following are a few digital marketing certifications which you can aim at:

 1. Google Adwords Certification :

Amongst all the Search Engine Marketing Certifications, Google Adwords Certification is known as truly best and in addition popular. Of every 3 online searches, 2 are taking place in Google and that is why the greater part of the organizations devote a large portion of the SEM resources to Google search engine. Google certification is absolutely free! It will help you to gain expertise in majority of the online advertising products from Google.

Highly recommended to have on your resume.

  1. Mobile Advertising Certification from Google :

Ideal for individuals and businesses who are looking to focus on Mobile Advertising, this certification would help in exhibiting your mastery. The course material gives you an insight into the psychology of mobile users, how to impact them to settle on a decision, strategies for bidding and targeting, analyzing performance and conversions.

  1. Google Analytics Certification :

This will empower you to enter the universe of general data and web analytics. This training instructs you with the fundamental principles of analytics and how to utilize Google analytics and other web tools in general. As Adwords certification, this is additionally amongst the highly valued free certifications to boost resume.

  1. YouTube’s Video Certification :

These certifications enable you to wander into the lengths and depths of channel creation, optimization, development and monetization. This certification is awarded in four distinct modules namely,

  • Channel Growth
  • Content Ownership
  • Content Strategy and
  • Asset Monetization
  1. Hubspot’s E-mail Marketing Certification :

While there are more than 2 million mails sent each day, a large portion of them go unopened or wind up in the spam folder. This certification will empower you with skills on the most proficient ways to write engaging emails and to characterize your own particular E-mail marketing strategy, with the help of analytics and optimization.

  1. Facebook Blueprint Certification :

This certification focuses at utilizing the Facebook fraternity of applications for your benefit. In spite of the fact that the courses are free of cost, any individual who wishes to get an official certificate from Facebook, is required to pay to schedule an exam.

  1. Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification :

Bing Certification targets for driving your current marketing strategy past its limits to increase your ROI. The courses are self-paced kind and free of cost, same applies to the exam as well.

Thus we saw some of the top digital marketing certifications worth getting. Go for them! More the better!

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