Top 10 Website’s Blogs Digital Marketers Must Read

Top10 website's blogs digital marketers must read

Top 10 Must Refer Website’s Blogs For Digital Marketers

It doesn’t take long for a Digital marketing trend to get out-dated hence referring the right website’s blog is very important to stay updated. Choosing a website from thousands of other websites providing you with similar information is like finding a needle form a haystack. Today Digital Trainee is India’s 1st practical digital marketing training institute will share with you the list of website’s blogs where you can get the latest updates and information on digital marketing.

1. Moz ( )

Lead by their dynamic CEO Rand Fishkin, Moz follows a very unique and distinctive approach in helping their readers and users understand the most minute and distinct aspects of digital marketing. With almost daily updates of all the latest tips and tricks, it is a must visit a website for newbies as well as experts.

Make sure you don’t miss these blogs on

  • Moz blog.
  • Rand’s blog (Moz co-founders blog).
  • Dev blog (Developers blog).
  • YouMoz (Moz users’ submissions).
2. Marketing Land ( )

If you need any information regarding all the marketing trends under one roof then Marketing Land is the place for you. Their daily news coverage includes columns like breaking stories, Industry Trends, Feature announcements and changes in latest and old products used by digital marketers to reach their targeted customers online. For all the beginners who are trying to prove their digital marketing skills, this specific blog holds the key to their success.

3. Neil Patel ( )

A digital marketing guru who has been deemed as one of the top influence on the Web by the critically acclaimed Wall Street Journal and being recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 he is definitely the one person who you must look for on the web if you want anything regarding digital marketing.

His easiness in teaching and giving examples by sharing his past and present experience is what which makes him stand out in crowd and easy to reach to the designated audience.

4. HubSpot ( )

Inbound marketing is a hot trend today. It is basically a strategy that uses many forms of online marketing, blogs, SEO, Social media create awareness of your brand or to attract new business.

The fact that this term (inbound marketing) itself was coined by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan shows how important it is to follow their website. Needless to say, it is a very informative and up to date blog which gives information on both inbound and outbound marketing as well.

5. Search Engine Journal ( )

Launched way back in 2003 this website has been educating people who are in need of guidance in digital marketing . By providing them the freshest news and up to date practices. They cover updates of search engine algorithms, tips for pay-per-click marketing and other useful SEO information.

6. Content Marketing Institute ( )

Content is king’ is rightly said so as having a good content has become a very crucial aspect of digital marketing in the past few years. The Content Marketing Institute is one of the very first institutes that has given prime importance to content on your website and remains one of the most resourceful websites in terms of content marketing.

Previously known as Junta42 they changed their name to Content Marketing Institute and have now emerged as one of the leading content marketing storytellers on the web. Weather new content writers or digital marketing experts. It is a must follow website as it will help them attract more customers through compelling content.

7Social fresh (

It is a social media marketing Education Company with an aim. To inspire people to build a better business through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Social fresh has many contents which guide you step by step in running social media campaign with regular updates making it one of the most comprehensive blog for social media marketing expressing the power of social media and how it is helping the digital marketing industry evolve.

8Search engine roundtable ( ) :

Search engine RoundTable not only provides you the most important updates and news of recent updates. But also explain them in brief of what it does and how it affects the old way of Digital marketing. With their mission statement stating “to provide a single source for the reader to visit to locate. The most interesting threads covered at the SEM forums” they surely seem to deliver what they are promising.

9. Branding Strategy )

Looking to build a brand of your own digitally? This is a one-stop website for all digital marketers. They have many blogs Including brand strategy, brand storytelling, brand culture, brand architecture, big data, brand marketing, brand equity, brand research, brand growth, pricing strategy, brand licensing, building emotional connections and customer experience.

10. Reddit’s SEO Blog ( )

Last but not the least Reddit’s SEO blog is one of the most diverse blog of them all. With more than 56 posts per week it is one of the most updated. And comprehensive blog with wide variety of blog topics.

It is very important to stay updated in the ever changing environment of digital marketing. To ensure even more success and gain knowledge of Digital marketing you can join Digital Marketing courses as well. And finally, if we missed any of your favorite blogs or websites please do let us know.


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