Top 10 Result Oriented Social Media Ad Writing Tips From Experts

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Writing in itself, is an art, if one may say so. Then again, social media writing demands a particular approach along with social media writing skills. Be it writing social media based ads, captions etc. So, for those who are interested in learning this, we are here with some of the top 10 tips for social media writing, that especially focus on Facebook Ad writing.

These happen to come from the experts themselves….

  1. Simplicity :

Whenever feasible, go for the simplistic writing approach. You would prefer not to make individuals sweat it out than required, for engaging with your ad.

At the point when visitors scroll through their feed, it’s not always that they are going to pause and click on the “see more” link to pursue the entire content.  So, experts advice to remove the additional content in a manner that the readers don’t have to expand to access the remaining content.

As a part of the simplification process, try to get rid of the unnecessary adjectives and likewise make use of short words instead of the long ones.

  1. The target audience is the soul :

target audience

This point is worth all the emphasis it gets. Different language applies in case of a diverse target audience. Whom do you call your customers? Are they travelers, parents, students or dietitians amongst others? What happens to be their values and interests? Set aside time to carry out a research on these important questions. Once you have answers to these questions, at that point you will comprehend what they require from you and thus be catering to their demands would become easy.

Along with writing skills, you can also learn SEO by undergoing specialized SEO Training in Pune. It would help you to expand your talent pool.

  1. Invest time on the call to action :

We tend to utilize active voice that spotlights on the advantage to the reader—which results in more clicks. However, it’s essential that you consider the entire journey, not only that single click. Where are they heading after that? What’s the ultimate objective of this ad?

Your call to action has to have predefined expectations for what’s coming straightaway. You would prefer not to be known for misleading headlines and CTAs that don’t stay to their promise.

  1. Proofread, proofread and proofread :

This can be called the major advice was given by majority if not every single of the social media experts. Don’t opt to hit the publish button instantly after writing. Set aside time to check everything one more time. A fresh pair of eyes would prove to be beneficial in this process. You can simply request a friend, colleague or a relative to proofread for you. By making this move, your advertisement can transform from being weak to great. On the other hand, you can utilize one of the many spell-checking tools that exist today, e.g., Grammarly etc.

  1. Try out an emoji :

These days, there exists a new kind of language on the social media: we mean the emojis. It’s an engaging method to connect with your audience (until it is in sync with your brand voice). If a bilingual campaign is what you are thinking of, for instance, the universal nature of emoticon can improve the message and bring about a consistency crosswise over ads.

In whichever situation you opt to use them in, keep in mind that your target audience is the key. In the event that your intended audience wouldn’t be using an emoji, neither should you.

There are a number of Digital Marketing Courses that would train you on concepts like Social Media Marketing (SMM) etc. Learning about them would help you in your writing as well. Choosing the right course is the key over here.

  1. Do use your mission statement :

A genuine business needs to have a mission statement. It plots the core values and aim of the business. This statement ought to bring clarity to the potential customers about the business. A mission statement helps establish a bond between a business and its accountability which is all that a potential customer depends on. It needs to be regarding the agony points of your followers and readers. If you stay with and deliver your promise, your customers will consequently purchase your goods and services.

  1. Go with the format :

Each advertisement ought to be composed keeping in mind the format. Contingent upon whether you’re writing an advertisement comprising of a video, image etc., the manner in which you write would differ.

Facebook ad format

During copy drafting, work around with content placement with different elements such as images. You’ll understand the difference it brings when your ads go live.

  1. Stay genuine :

Communicate directly with your potential customers with no hesitation. Be forthright with the numbers. What sum does it cost? Are hidden charges involved? What percentages there are benefiting from? Give all the right detailed information that they may ask about. People are clever, on the off chance that you aren’t genuine, they will come to know. You can demonstrate your authentic nature by answering questions put forth and through an active interaction with your customers.

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  1. Make use of organic posting to test your ad copy :

On the off chance that something performs well organically, there stands a better chance that it will perform well as an advertisement. That is the reason organic posting is considered to be the best way to test an ad copy.

One can explore with various headings, images, and CTAs to find out what works. In this manner, we do not pay for ads that we know customers would not engage with.

  1. Be aware of your competitors :

Track them and follow them on all the major social media platforms where they exist. Dive into the details on this by following the responses they give to their customers/clients. Do they answer promptly and proactively? Are they friendly in nature? You can get to know about their strengths and shortcomings from these. By doing an analysis of their accounts, you can have knowledge about which post produces the maximum response and get a leaf or two to actualize in your business.

Try out these for effective social media ad writing.

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