2019 SEO Checklist: Now Get More Organic Traffic!

Your agenda for the remainder of the year is boosting the organic traffic? If that’s the case, then you might be thinking, how to increase organic traffic 2019?

We are here with an answer to this very question! We will be taking you through a list of some of the highly effective SEO techniques 2019, to help your organic traffic grow; and that too quickly!

One can also treat these as a SEO checklist to get more organic traffic in 2019.

So, we get going…

Expert recommended hacks to increase organic traffic in 2019

1. Go the ethical way

If one considers organic traffic, Google happens to be the helping hand for you. However, a few of the SEOs out there, go for workarounds so as to sidestep the Google algorithms which are meant for ranking the websites. 

Google always prescribes that one boosts the organic traffic in an ethical manner, or be prepared to get penalized at some point of time. Penalties from Google implies that your site won’t get indexed, forget it getting ranked.

A few pointers to avoid being penalized by Google:

– Ensure that the content published by you is relevant, unique and useful to the users

– Abstain from paying for inbound links completely

– Avoid creation of cheap links

– Stay away from publishing stolen, low quality or scrapped content

– Avoid deploying exact-match anchor text

2. Have the necessary SEO tools and plugins at hand

The most basic tool that one needs to have is the Google Search Console.

What does it do?

– It shows the precise keywords you rank for, and where is it that you happen to rank for them

– Helps discover the technical SEO problems faced by you

– Makes it extremely easy to keep a track of your website’s performance in Google

As the name suggests, the data comes directly from Google.

With regards to the plugins, Yoast can be called the numero uno one. Yoast facilitates in making your WordPress website SEO friendly, with great effect.

Coming back to the tools, Google Analytics is yet another high utility one, as far as getting organic traffic is concerned. The best approach to know how visitors find and use your website. Although it is the most basic thing one can do using Google Analytics. Other cool things possible using this tool include paid views, bounce rate, pages on your website that are bringing you traffic, time on the site, finding precise websites that send you traffic, etc.

In case your website is running on WordPress, you got to install the Yoast SEO plugin.   

Joining Digital Marketing classes in Pune would help you get a deeper insight into these useful tools and plugins that can be used for boosting the organic traffic.

3. Produce the best content possible

Produce the best content11

Get it clear, publishing content just to do so, won’t take one too far. Instead, it might hit your reputation going ahead.

Just as you would not feel content delivering a mediocre service or product, creating low-quality content is a strict no no. It becomes vital that you create and publish the best possible content at all times.

Thinking how is this connected with increasing the organic traffic of your site? Well, it will result into more organic traffic as just like people, even search engines are becoming clever enough to identify as to when the content is duplicate and low quality.

Quality content is known to rank better on the SERPs, which helps in driving more organic traffic.

Therefore, pay close attention on the content, before publishing it.

4. Extract keywords that customers search for

It’s a well known fact that keyword research is extremely important. But, how to find the keywords that your customers are looking for? Here are the three methods that one can deploy.

To start with, go about finding long tail keywords using Google Suggest. For this, type the keyword into Google, however, don’t press enter or click on the search button. Instead, observe the keywords that Google displays. Google happens to suggest only those keywords, which people tend to actually search. 

The next one is using the Google Keyword Planner. It is an official tool of Google that is extensively used for keyword research. A Google Ads account is necessary for using it. Not to worry as signing up for it is free! All that one needs to do is simply enter a seed keyword, and take a look at the suggestions provided by the tool.

Lastly, spy on the online communities. Just go to the community, and find out questions that appear frequently.

By choosing a proper one from the available Digital Marketing courses, one can get hands-on training on the various techniques used for obtaining organic traffic. So, give it a thought.  

5. Go the guest blogging way, but from the traffic perspective, not SEO

Guest blogging continues to be a feasible approach for getting more traffic.

If your guest post is published on a high authority website, it would definitely help you to boost organic traffic.

Here are some pointers specific to guest posting:

– Remember that you got to do guest blogging on those websites that are functional in the same business domain as yours. After all, what you are trying to do here is, reaching your target audience.

– Do not adopt the strategy of posting on every other website that you come across. Let the quality of your content remain high at all times, and target the major websites that are known to produce a decent amount of traffic.

– Promotion of your guest posts as if they are your own is essential. It reflects both gratitude and seriousness on your part, towards the website where you happened to post the guest blog.

To add to this, do not forget that simply posting isn’t enough. One got to examine the guest post on a regular basis, and reply to the received comments. You wish that their visitors become yours. Giving it back to the readers is an effective way to create and build a relationship.

Applying these strategies from this 2019 SEO checklist would definitely pay off. So, do make these a part of your agenda for obtaining and boosting organic traffic. If required, join a suitable one amongst the different Digital Marketing courses in Andheri, to gain hands-on knowledge and skills.  

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