The Role of Content In Ranking Your Website At The Top Of Search Engine

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How content Marketing Helps you to Rank Top in Search Engine

Content forms the heart of SEO. No wonder Content is called a king!

But how and what about content helps in getting your website to the top of Google and other popular search engines? We will find an answer to this question by checking out the various aspects related to content, that contribute towards the higher ranking of your website:

1. Content/Keyword research:

Probably the most imperative SEO factor in the wake of developing content happens to be good keyword research. You need to create content utilizing those keywords, the real-time search terms individuals are utilizing, so you can create content that successfully “answers” that question. Your content should be written in the correct language — the language your end user or customer is making use of while searching.

2. Quality of content :

Do you motivate individuals to spend more than a few moments perusing your pages?

Do you offer genuine value, something meaningful to visitors that is one of its kind, different and helpful that they won’t discover somewhere else? More than anything, are you creating quality content? In case you’re offering something, do you go past being a basic leaflet with identical information that can be found on several different sites? These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself in analyzing whether you’re offering quality content. This isn’t the place to hold back since it is the foundation on which almost every other factor depends.

3. The freshness of the content :

What is fresh content?

Search engines love to see new content. That is generally what we mean when we say “fresh”.

Google has something it mentions “Query Deserves Freshness (QDF).” If there’s a search that is all of a sudden extremely popular against its ordinary traffic, Google will apply QDF to that term and check out to see whether there’s any fresh content on that topic. On the off chance that there is, that new or fresh content is provided a boost in search results. On the off chance that you have the correct content, on the right subject when QDF hits, you can relish being in the top positions for days or even weeks. Simply know that from that point onward, your page may be rearranged back in search results. It isn’t that you’ve done anything incorrectly. It’s only that the freshness impetus has worn off.

4. Keyword usage :

Having carried out your keyword research (you did that, right?), have you really utilized those words in your content? Or, on the other hand on the off chance that you’ve already created some quality content before carrying out research, maybe it’s a great opportunity to return that material and do some alteration. Bottom line, in the event that you need your pages to be found for specific words, it’s a smart thought to really utilize those words in your copy.

Simply utilize common sense. Consider the words you need a page to be found for, the words you feel are important from your keyword research. At that point use them in a natural manner on the page. On the off chance that you ordinarily take to pronouns on second and further references, possibly utilize the real noun again all over, instead of a pronoun.

5. Direct answers :

Search engines are increasingly endeavoring to display direct answers inside their search results. Questions such as “why the sky is blue” or “what is the age of the president” may give you the response without your required to click to a website page. Where do search engines find these answers? They license them at times, e.g. with menus or music lyrics. At other times, they draw them straightforwardly off-site pages, giving a link back as a credit.

There’s some argument about whether having your content being utilized as an immediate answer is a success or not. All things considered, on the off chance that somebody finds the solution they require, they would not click, and what’s the accomplishment in that? Post going through these points, one can definitely state that content would form an important part of SEO ranking factors 2017, and years to come…

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