Perks of Digital Marketing Career for Any Engineering Graduate

India is a country who holds a tremendous requirement of jobs opportunities. Every year, the maximum count of students are graduating in the field of engineering and applying for jobs. It has been reported that in 2018, around 12 lac student appeared for JEE exams and out of which only a few are able to reach up to the mark of clearing the exam.

Career Opportunities For Engineering Professionals In Digital Marketing

Understanding the overview of the digital marketing industry, in the past decade, the field has witnessed huge transformation on digital platforms. However, due to the wide scope of job career in digital marketing, the craze for engineering has certainly reduced.

What is the scope in digital marketing for engineers?


The demand for engineering jobs is found difficult as a maximum count of engineers are looking forward to initiating their career path from scratch and leading to digital marketing as a better career choice.

There have been several reasons for the shift in the workforce from the IT sector to digital marketing as it holds a handsome salary package along with a wide specialty in the field. An average engineering seat costs around 10-12 lacs and the annual salary package offered to the candidate in quite low.

Digital Marketing to Engineers

Exploring the Different Career Options

It was a time when engineers have been considered as the only career option. The supply of engineering graduates often exceeds demand. According to the statistics, around 60% of engineering graduates are either jobless or working at a position with a low salary package.

Digital Marketing Courses in Pune to engineers is a reflection of dramatic change and holds the potential of providing lucrative career opportunities.

In today’s time, digital marketing is wildly transforming in every direction. The scope in digital marketing for engineers is vast and endless. Digital marketing asks to have three major skills i.e. competency with technology, analytics, and strategy building. As engineers have good command skills to excel and develop, moreover, they have a keen understanding in executing technical and mathematical decisions that can complement digital marketing in the best possible way.

Understanding of Digital Marketing For Engineers


There has been a lot of debates on marketing vs engineering. The discussion from the expert reached the conclusion as marketers are the people who have an ability to explore the field with a creative mindset and strategize creative campaigns.

Whereas, the marketing implemented by the marketers needs to get measured as it led to analytical skills to become more number-centric with creativity. For engineers, this field is the best to take over with number-driven executions and more technical.

Digital marketing is more about conceptual learning as it complements the brainstorming capacity & problem-solving skills of the engineers perfectly. Engineers are proficient in handling data and digital marketing does deal with the same set of data in an organization.

The marketing for engineers offers digital engineers a chance to demonstrate their area of expertise. Digital marketing holds a lot of permutations and combinations of data. Engineers are experts in problem-solving and possess analytical skills which are a necessity in digital marketing.

As getting a good placement with a handsome salary package in the field of the engineer in a quick period of time is not possible. There need to be a patient and hard work to earn a good salary package.

With a lot of responsibilities and extra working hours, it becomes really difficult to stay peaceful at the workplace. Digital marketing is the field where engineers can literally have a good time at work, with implementing several strategies according to their creativity, brainstorming and putting out analytical skills in the same.

Job Stability


There has been a lot of queries raised by the students about job stability. We all need our job to be consistent and get a good exposure in the respective field. More than getting placed we often look forward to staying good at the workplace with consistent growth. According to the All India Council for Technical Education, around 60% of engineering graduates from technical institutions of India are unemployed & 95% of engineers in the country are not considered in criteria for software development jobs.

Aspiring Entrepreneur


As jobs of engineers are under a threat, digital marketing provides an effective career along with job stability. As the whole world is becoming digital, the demand for digital marketing professionals is rapidly escalating the milestone and coming up with the routine trends and up gradations.

If you have a vision of getting started on your own and be an entrepreneur, you can easily start the journey. As it is said that marketing and sales are the heart of any business and digital marketing is magnificently influencing the marketing landscape.

Instead of outsourcing the digital marketing plan to any agency you can hire digital marketers and work globally to gain a competitive advantage over others in the same field.


As concluding the piece of article, we hope you must have got a potential hint on initiating the career at Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai by switching on to engineering. As digital marketing offers you a vast amount of job opportunities with good salary packages and believes to make a versatile professional expert.

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