Perks of a Digital Marketing Career for MBA/BBA Professionals

Digital marketing; one of the most huge platform to work on in the current generation is coming up with a wide scope of opportunities of new-age marketing learning, and exceed your businesses on the digital platform. Digital marketing gives a word of getting endless exposure to every individual no matter what field background you own.

Why Every MBA / BBA Grad Should Learn Digital Marketing

Discussing the career option for MBA students, digital marketing is the platform which efficiently provides new wave to marketing firms. MBAs have great potential for jobs in new marketing trends. As technology has stepped in, a good MBA lad can easily survive on this platform with a good salary package and creative working space. Thus, MBA’s should start looking after to enter in this platform and pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Pune for better enhancement of the study.

1. I-m-Possible Learning

As digital marketing is conceptual and 100% non-technical course, the study of digital marketing can be easily grasped and trained on. Being an MBA, it becomes possibly easy to catch the understanding of digital marketing, however, the platform is all about brainstorming, strategizing unique concepts, and gaining analytical figures. It adds the correct execution methodology creating a marketing plan understanding the targeted audience.

2. In Comparison with Mini MBA

Digital marketing is believed to be one of the most effective ways of marketing. Getting an MBA degree has not remained enough to get a job, as marketing has changed a lot in the last few years but your MBA course hasn’t got much change and advancements in the studies. There lies a huge gap between industry-relevant skills and education. Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai teaches you to provide clear and in-depth knowledge of products and services by way of content marketing and upgraded marketing strategies.

Moreover, it concentrates on learning how to achieve ROI. It is a potential study which emphasizes on building the online reputation of business with the advanced advertisement, and proper result oriented marketing making it in line with the MBA Program.

3. Getting Business in your hand

If you count yourself as computer savvy and look forward to gaining internet updates and trends, digital marketing is the choice you need to go for. Also, if you have a keen interest in generating new ideas or invest your time in freelancing by optimizing the websites or promoting products on social media then you should think of pursuing digital marketing and get started.

There are a lot of opportunities you can execute on the digital platform right from launch a website and make good earnings by selling your products and services.

4. Strong demand for digital marketing

Career - screen shot 3 50 -60sec

Comparing the traditional marketing tools to new-age digital marketing, it is a proven recession proof marketing strategy. Currently, there are wide positions in the job market that you can fit into once you are trained with heavy knowledge. Due to diversification and emerging segment, the demand for jobs is huge and the supply for quality resources is less.

5. Resume matters


Having a better understanding and developed skill set in digital marketing is in high demand. The current industrial scenario learns that in traditional marketing firms such as advertising, a candidate need to wait for internship and placement in reputed companies to open up your account of experience and create a healthy portfolio.

6. Growth Rate

Growth rate

According to the records revealed by the experts, it has been confirmed that digital marketing will generate more than 2.5 lakh jobs in the year 2019. The HR experts have come up with the numbers that digital marketing space is likely to generate a good amount of jobs in the near future and provide a booster to the businesses.

Due to the high demand in the industry, the starting package for digital marketing professionals will be estimated to grow as compared to the previous standardized package.

7. Ahead of the Competition

Stay ahead of the competition

Today, every size of the organization need professionals to enhance their business, increase lead generations and profits, and promote the business at a bigger scale. Hiring the best digital professionals, the companies now are less focusing on their standard budget as the candidate has the ability to ROI for their business.

Digital marketing professionals can be a born creative and he should analyze and create the best ads structure in the interest of the company. Thus, for attaining the tag of a best digital marketer, the candidate should be more creative and expertise to strive for the competition.

8. Affordable in budget

Pursuing digital marketing is affordable and cheap as compared to any other professional course. Moreover, a candidate can easily receive a return on investment into this program as you can accomplish better job prospects or convert your skills into a business idea. Understanding the business, not every digital marketing tactic requires a significant budget. As an example, social media marketing & content marketing require creativity and consistency.

9. Certification

Digital Marketing Certifications ad

The certificate is essential to step forward. Getting a certificate shows proof of initiative taken by a candidate. It establishes that the candidate has demonstrated certain knowledge and skills- an advantage over those who simply claim to have them.

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