Mega Trends That Will Change The Face Of Digital Marketing In 2017 !

It’s the mega trends 2017 that are going to rule in the digital marketing domain this year !

Digital marketing and digital India are the talk of the town, the time has come to examine the lessons got from the previous year. Digital India and demonetization are the two viral topics. Nonetheless, the Digital India movement is the thing that will convey the benefits to the businesses. Since we have entered and subsiding into the New Year, there is a need to set up a plan for what is required for your company to stand out in 2017. Of course, the digital marketing trends 2017 need to be taken into consideration before setting up the plan.

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But what are they? Is the basic question.

So, let us now penetrate down into the key strategies and marketing innovation inside each of these tactics which will be imperative in 2017.

  1. “Buy” buttons on social media:

On account of the marketing trends for 2017, you may begin seeing more “buy” buttons on social media platforms, permitting customers to purchase straightforwardly from social networks as opposed to heading off to a separate e-commerce site. This facility as of now exists on numerous social platforms including  Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A year ago’s report demonstrates that clicks on this “Buy” button rose significantly in the last quarter. This is relied upon to acquire popularity in 2017.

  1. Marketing through videos:

Video advertising has been colossally popular for as far back as couple of years, yet now marketers aren’t utilizing just any sort of video. For instance, you can give a behind-the-scenes gander at the procedure or area your audience is interested in. One reason this will be amongst the digital marketing trends 2017 is that individuals are connecting more through videos, particularly on social media sites.

  1. Mobile marketing:

With expanding use of mobile phones and the Big G’s (Google) mobile first funda, 69% companies have begun concentrating on mobile responsive web design. With leads incrementing in mobile advertising, mobile site development and mobile applications development. Indeed, even our Indian Government is favoring mobile application development for simple accessibilities. Likewise, utilizing mobile friendly images and videos are the fundamental components of present day website composition.

  1. More reliance on data:

Due to the advanced technology for opening up a few approaches to gather and utilize data. Thus, one of the 2017 business patterns includes utilizing that information like never before. As the vast majority of the businesses now lean towards context marketing over content marketing, data use benefits customers the same amount of as it helps businesses. Along these lines, are agreeable to share their details contrasted with the before scenario.

  1. Context marketing:

Content marketing happened to be in the top 3 ranks till mid-2016. Be that as it may, from the last 2 quarters, context advertising is the thing that has picked up an extensive significance over content marketing. So there is a need to concentrate a great deal on the most proficient method to make an incorporated context marketing technique. A year old examination report demonstrates that more 47% business organizations are currently utilizing a strategy based approach, so this is a pattern we will see proceeding in 2017.

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Now that you are having the knowledge of these mega trends 2017 with respect to the digital marketing domain, it’s time to design a fresh strategy for the upcoming year. If you do not keep up with the trends, then its very likely that your business will lack behind in the race to success.

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