India and The Era Of Social Media Marketing


India With a New Scope and Future – An Era of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is said to rule the roost as far as India is concerned. But then, how will social media evolve in the future?

Well, to give you an idea, according to research carried out, it has been estimated that the amount of users of the social media platform in India will be 258.27 million. It is a steep ascent from roughly 168 million users in 2016 !

India is experiencing a rise in the number of mobile users; in any case, it contains only 16 percent of the country’s average population having access to the internet. From this, you can make out about the bright future of social media technology.

So, what’s next in the realm of social media marketing? For those hoping to get the maximum out of their campaign, advertisers should channel their endeavors into live streaming, drawing in influencers and creating viral content. In order to make a move in like manner with the new sort of ‘digital’ purchasers, even brands have revamped their promotion strategies, marketing, collaborations and engagement strategies to tackle the issues, needs, and wants of their customers.

This implies that Social media is simply unavoidable today and the brand which isn’t active on social media platforms do not exist for their purchasers!

With this, rises the need for social media marketing professionals. You can become one with the help of Digital Marketing Courses.

1. Why is Social Media Marketing a must have?
  • Internet all around !

According to stats for the years beginning from 1993 till 2015, the internet utilization by the global populace has been colossally expanded and now 40% of the populace is utilizing the web. i.e. a whopping 3.42 billion users!

It was under 2% of total populace in 1995. In light of these insights, it is a convincing statement that the social media marketing will have a bright scope in the near future.

  • Smartphones in every hand :

Consistently, mobile users are increasing and according to a report by 2019, this number will reach a whopping 5.07 billion!

Currently, it is around 4.77 billion users around the world. Observe the difference inside two years!! Furthermore, the vast majority of the mobile phones now are smartphones that enable users to get associated with their business anyplace and whenever they wish to.

  • Targeting an audience:

Conventional marketing made it difficult to focus on the particular target audience with demographics and details. Are you in agreement with this? Certainly, yes. The marketing of any product went for mass marketing before.

Be that as it may, today with the invention of digital marketing, there are such a significant number of customized strategies to target the desired crowd.

  • Low investment and high ROI :

Social media marketing is a stage which gives high ROI with low investment.

This is the reason numerous small and medium scale organizations depend on social media for their marketing strategies; thus offering ample career opportunities. Be ready to grab these opportunities by gaining the desired skills with the help of Digital Marketing Courses.

2. Future scope with respect to some popular social media platforms :

Currently, India is the second largest client of Facebook and YouTube in the world and if this trend is to be acknowledged, conventional advertising mediums like TV, Print will soon be a thing of the past.

Facebook :
  • Facebook has in excess of 2 billion active users each month and is an outstanding medium to connect with people through posts, chats, videos and so forth.
  • Promoting through Facebook establishes trust and it persuades the users to site sign up as opposed to selling straightforwardly.
YouTube :
  • This is a standout amongst video sharing platforms for local business, entertainment business and B2C organizations which have 1.5 billion active users on a monthly basis.
  • Marketing models incorporate engaging and educative videos to upgrade engagement and if the views are more, you will earn more cash.
WhatsApp :
  • Monthly active WhatsApp users surpasses 1300 million as it permits free texting (individual and group) with more protection.
  • It is tailor-made for banks, e-commerce and other industries as well.
Twitter :
  • Ideal platform for for skilled B2C and B2B professionals.
  • It permits flexibility of expression of reviews on current issues and has around 328 million active users.
  • Brand image can be created with discussion and posts can be targeted utilizing hashtags.

This is sufficient to explain. The power of social media platforms in current and future times.

No doubt that it is going to be the era of Social Media Marketing. So, become an expert in Social Media Marketing with the help of Digital Marketing Training and  enjoy an illustrious career ahead.

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