Guide To New ‘Google PageSpeed Insights’ Tool (Nov 2018 Updates)

Guide To Google Page Insight

The PageSpeed Insights tool from Google,

returns yet again; and what’s new on offer this time?

We are going to check out.

They might seem a bit difficult to understand.

However, we will try to simplify them for you.

But prior to that,

we will like to tell you in brief,

about the Pagespeed Insights tool from Google.

Google page insight

An In-Depth Guide to Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool

The Google Pagespeed Insights serves to be a tool that enables you to settle on choices that enhance the performance of your site. That includes aspects such as optimize website speed etc. Proposals from Google Pagespeed depend on the latest industry best practices for desktop and mobile web performance as well. A popular and widely used tool from Google, to carry out web speed test.

Basically, it helps to identify the best practices with regards to performance for any particular website, offers suggestions regarding optimization of web-pages, and recommends overall ideas of how to make a site speedier. All the browsers support by this tool

  • What’s new with the Google PageSpeed Insights this time?

Coming to the latest happenings in terms of this tool, here is what you would be getting from Google:

1. With Google seemingly have quite recently come up with a redesign for their Google PageSpeed Insights tool, the revamped design has got a significantly more graphical reporting.

2. In addition to this, the speed score now makes use of the lab data that is analyzed by Lighthouse and Google is demonstrating much more detail. Thus, Lighthouse has now become its analysis engine. The reason behind this change was to establish consistency between Google’s web page performance analysis tools.

gpi user

In the past, the analysis engines used were different, that led to diverse suggestions from every tool.

The new report format has got two tabs, one for your desktop, and the other one for your mobile device.

In a not far ago update, the user is now scored based on two different categories namely optimization and speed.

Optimization is the revamped name given to the technical checklist you were at that point comfortable with. Any individual who’s utilized the PageSpeed Insights earlier, ought to immediately perceive these proposals.

Speed, be that as it may, is a new thing. It is analyzed and scored dependent on two newly introduced parameters: DOM Content Loaded (DCL) that estimates the time taken by a HTML document to be stacked and parsed; and the First Contentful Paint (FCP), which estimates the duration taken by a user, to view the first visual response from a page.

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Continuing with the updates…..

New report categories introduced, which comprise of the following:

  • Lab Data:

Lighthouse examination of the current page on a mobile emulator and eventually plots metrics from that tool considering factors like Speed Index, First Contentful Paint, First Meaningful Paint, Time to Interactive, First CPU Idle, Estimated Input Latency and after that displays screen shots of how this is perceived.


  • Field Data:

Real-time performance measurements in case of the page and its origin, that includes First Input Delay and First Contentful Paint.


  • Diagnostics:

This one provides you with a report on the performance of your application, in terms of factors like DOM size, caching, payloads, JavaScript and more of such.


  • Opportunities:

Recommendations regarding proficient methods to enhance a web-page’s performance metrics, and in addition predictions of how much quicker the page will load if the enhancement is executed.


  • Audit:

In addition, the report demonstrates to you how well you performed on different audits that includes  CSS, Minify JavaScript, redirects and considerably more.


  1. Also, the Speed Update serves to be  amongst the latest in a long list of speed-specific updates, technologies and tools that Google has developed over the past decade – majority of which specifically focus on the mobile experience.

  2. API specific updates

Google will likewise be revealing before us, an updated version of the PageSpeed Insights API.

While Version 5 of the tool’s API, will offer Chrome User Experience Report Data, along with all of the Lighthouse audits.

Past renditions of the PSI API are expected to become a thing of the past in about half an year.

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  • Why is it essential?

Speeding up your website isn’t only vital. It ensure that your site is ranking good as a part of the  Google search Speed Update. It helps to enhance the user experience and in turn the conversion rates on your site. An update in this tool, has helped to immensely improve the data. Also help in metrics surrounding how to gauge your page speed. It offers you numerous areas of where you can come up with enhancements to your pages. And along these lines increase the speed of your pages!

This is what you will have from the Google PageSpeed Insights tool latest update.


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