Google Updates: Google Search Console With All New Features 2018

Google Updates_ Google Search Console With All New Features 2018-min

Introducing the new Search Console

Recently, Google has graduated the new Search Console out of beta, and this is believed to be a chief milestone in Search Console’s history. On the verticals of search console, Google is efficiently preparing on introducing the Manual Actions report and a Test Live capability to the launched URL inspection tool, which have been launched in the new search console in back months.

Inspiring Journey Creating New Search Console New Google Search Console 2018 Updates

From day one of the business, Google holds the intention to hear the feedbacks and bring some new advancements which can comfort the operations for users. Google comes up reading feedbacks which tuned them to efforts on bringing new features on new search console such as the URL Inspection Tool and migrating key reports and features.

Out of Beta

While the old version of Search Console has some existing features that are not yet available in the new one, but it holds a supported, and the improved way in the new search console. The user will automatically point onto the new search console when an analogous feature exists in old and new one. After the specific period, the old report will be removed by Google so that user get familiar with new search console.

Deliverables of Search Console:
  • Now a user can easily find the overview analytics of the website content by using the Index Coverage report.
  • Review your Search Analytics data going back 16 months in the Performance report.
  • See information on links pointing to your site and within your site using the links report.
  • Retrieve crawling, indexing and serving information for any URL directly from the Google index using the URL Inspection tool.
Better alerting and new “fixed it” flow:
  • Get automatic alerts and see a listing of pages affected by crawling, indexing, AMP, Mobile Usability, Recipes, or Job Posting issues.
  • Reports now show the HTML code where we think a fix necessary (if applicable).
  • Share information quickly with the relevant people in your organization to drive the fix.
  • Google will notify you when you’ve fixed an issue. We will review your pages, validate whether the issue is fixed, and return a detailed log of the validation findings.
Simplified sitemaps and account settings management:
  • Submitting sitemaps, goGoogles updated to your website activity.
  • Submit individual URLs for indexing
  • Add new sites to your account, invite and manage users.

URL Inspection

The URL Inspection tool is highly efficient and plays a supreme role in search console. It is specifically designed to deliver information about Google’s indexed version of a particular page. If a user is looking to operate URL Inspection, it surprises fetching indexing issues, AMP errors, and structured data errors. Using the URL Inspection tool provides a transparency in searching errors to fix. It also provides detailed serving information, and crawl index about a particular directly from the Google index.

Entering the URL of a page will make you learn, and know the in-depth insights about the date and status, indexing and crawling errors including the canonical URL of the page. When the page is successfully indexed, the user can easily find the information and track the status of any enhancement fetch on the page.

URL inspection in google search console

URL Inspection tool also benefits from fixing issues and debugging in a page or tracking the status of a reported issue confirm removed from the page. If the issue or an error is fixed on the live version of the page, the user can easily coordinate with Google to re-crawl and index the page.

Manual Actions and Security Issues alerts

Why do manual actions exist?

The time search engines have been introduced digitally, SEO experts are smartly filtering the audience and working efficiently to bring the page on top of the search results. Due to this good genuine content is lacking behind under irrelevant result, and it’s not a good move for legitimate websites as these sites with a good unique information is hard to find. Due to this, Google is cleverly working to fight spammers, helping people find their answer they are looking for, and also helping lea legitimate website to find their content and get a healthy traffic as deserved.

Google is constantly working on making an advanced search. Usually, Google is taking suggestions and exam pert view from the date ta-driven approach, employ analysts, statisticians and researchers to optimize search quality on a full-time basis. The user can witness how Google has transformed an algorithm in detecting spam content, and now, Google is liable to discover and remove a particular content to maintain the standard search engine portal. However, to keep the consistent quality of index, Google is also willing to take manual action more firmly to remove spam from the search results.

How do I fix the problem?

To fix a manual action on your site:
  1. Keep an eye on pages which are affected.
  2. For more information, expand the manual action description panel on the report.
  3. See the short description and the type of the issue, and follow the “learn more” link which will straightly take a tour to detailed information and steps to fix the issue.
  4. Fix the issue on all affected pages. If the er can fix some of the pages, it will not surprise with any earning on a partial return to search results.

With the increasing hits on feedbacks, Google has overcome with such innovative up gradation, which can only be learned pursuing digital marketing course. As this course also holds in-depth learning about on-page and off-page SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, app store optimization, website planning on WordPress, lead generation, AdSense marketing and more.

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