Google Ads: How Will The New Features Be Useful ?

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There have been periodical updates in AdWords in terms of additions, subtractions, new features etc. and 2018 is no exception. The new year has come up with its set of  Google AdWords updates 2018.

Which are these? How will these benefit your paid search campaigns?

In short, we will be talking about the new Google AdWords features and benefits, in this article of ours. So, all ears are what is required for all those interested…

  1. Promotion Extensions :

Post the advent of AdWords, people like you and me have been compelled to utilize their advertisement headlines and description in order to share promos with potential patrons. No more! Google has at long last chosen to release them to all the advertisers.

Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions enable you to update (drumroll) promotions which you can attach to your text ads. Regardless of whether you’re sharing a discount code or just sharing a site-wide discount, these ad extensions will boost your CTR’s and send them skyrocketing.

Promotion extensions enable you to maintain your business’s promos and sales updated without the need to adjust your ad copy. Your description and headlines can be implemented to boost ad relevance with no need to take stalwart top-performers out of rotation (which implies you aren’t beginning from the starting point with regards to expected CTR). These two factors imply that increasing your vacation sale on the search network doesn’t come at the cost of brought down Quality Scores and higher CPCs.

Indeed, this’ll enable your ads to consume up more space on the SERP and make your deal fly off the page with a neat little price tag vector and some extra bold copy. Undergo Digital Marketing Courses and become an expert in Google AdWords. You can also go for AdWords certification from Google.

  1. “Overview” Page-accounts’ performance in one go :

Effortlessly analyze data and insights related to your account’s campaigns, ads, ad groups, keywords and so forth. The page comes with interactive graphs and tables, so you can better comprehend as to what your account’s performance is.

“Overview” Page-accounts' performance in one go

  1. Custom Intent Audiences :

If at all, there was an approach to contact individuals on the Display Network who were actively looking for a service or product that no one but you could provide…

Custom Intent Audiences

All things considered, now there is!

Per Google, custom intent audiences make use of machine learning technology from Google to analyze your current campaigns and auto-creation of custom intent audiences… in view of the most widely used keywords and URLs discovered in content that individuals browse while looking for a given product or service. Post creation, these new audiences will exist among your other Display network audiences.

In fact, Google makes use of data from your AdWords campaigns, YouTube channel and website to figure out what you offer, at that point cross-reference that against HUMANITY to auto-produce new, qualified (at any rate the extent that Display goes) audiences. This sort of audience creation additionally concretes Google shift towards ala Facebook, audience driven method of focusing on the Display Network, in which attributes replace intent as an essential means for focusing on net-new prospects.

Apart from this, Skynet-initiated targeting alternatives, in a similar manner, create your own custom intent audiences of people utilizing a blend of URLs and keywords. Choosing one from the various Digital Marketing courses, is one way to learn Google AdWords.

  1. Ad Variations :

Talking about adjusting ad copy (be it better or worse), Google has chosen to enable you to test ad variants en masse. Given that you’re utilizing the power of the new AdWords feature (destined to be the AdWords encounter, full stop), you’ve now got an access to the new ad variations tab. Over here, you can test and make changes at scale, quickly.

With the help of ad variants, one can:

  • Invert headlines
  • Find and replace particular key words (in-fact keywords) from your ads
  • Updation of complete textual components (paths, headlines, description)

Ad Variations

  1. Gmail Remarketing :

Last but not the least, we have got Gmail Remarketing. Many were despondent prior when they discovered that Google was getting rid of the domain targeting feature from Gmail ads (in case of my money, there was no better method to rail against the competition). The capacity to remarket—and, all the more significantly, do as such in a dynamic manner—by means of Gmail has flipped around the frowns.

Gmail Remarketing

Google’s terming it “an immersive shopping knowledge” inside the inboxes of your prospects’. For all those eCommerce advertisers out there, who are searching for a leg up as we near the hectic shopping days of the calendar year, the capacity to bring a prospects’ shopping cart inside their inbox is only that.

This is what the new features of Google AdWords bring with them. All in all, it seems that they are here to succeed. Get a deeper insight into Google AdWords and its updates, with the help of  Search Engine Optimization training.

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