The Ultimate Revelation Of 12 Free Digital Marketing Tools

Top Free Digital Marketing Tools_ Your Way To Success

Top Free Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing can be expensive at times because of paid Digital Marketing tools and services, But no worries as there are some free tools which offer you a variety of free services you can use to make a stable marketing strategy without the high price tag.

With all these tools being taught in digital marketing course it is a must to learn to gain profit. Here are the best free online marketing tools categorized under SEO, Content marketing, Social media and email marketing sections that you can use to get started.

Free SEO tools

SEO is a must if you are learning any Digital Marketing Course. Following are a few free SEO tools

1) Google PageSpeed Insights :

Page load speed is an important factor used in determining the conversion rate of leads to customers’. An average customer stays on a page if the time taken by the page to load is less than 2.5 seconds. If not then he/she joins the 80% of people who leave the website because the page took too much time to load.

Google PageSpeed Insight analyses your website and determines your page load speed by rating it out of 100. It also helps in determining the problem and even suggests a suitable solution for it.

google page insight

2) Google analytics by Monster Insights :

It is an easy yet powerful tool which simply does one thing i.e. it allows you to connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics. This is done so that you can view how your website is being found by visitors and how they (visitors) use your website. This helps in maintaining a long relationship with your customers by making them come back to your website again and again by giving them what they want. And with more than 15 million downloads it is the most popular plugin for WordPress.

3) SimilarWeb :

SimilarWeb allows you to do something that is unique i.e. to compare your website with your competitors and see how much difference is there between the two in terms of traffic. It also reveals your competitor’s strategy helping you to generate new counter strategies and improve your website performance.

similar web

Free Content marketing tools 

Content is rightly said to be the ‘king’and one of the main factors that affect your page ranking. Following are the three free content marketing tools.

1) Grammarly :

The friend in need of all content writers, Grammarly is the best tool to correct your article grammatically. It is the most comprehensive grammar and spells check tool on the Web leaving all its competition in its shadows. It also helps users in correcting the spelling of the words they used.

2) Headline Analyzer :

The first impression is the last impression and what else would possibly create a long-lasting impression than a neat, good and catchy headline. Coschedules’ Headline Analyzer helps a user determine how effective is the title.Be it Blog Post title, Email subject lines, or a social message, Headline Analyzer does it all with effective results.

headline analyzer

3) Evernote :

Serving more than 200 million users around the world Evernote allows either single user or perhaps a team to get an idea or maybe to share the idea. It syncs the ideas of the user so that he/she can access the data from anywhere they want and anytime.

Free Social Media tools

Social media allows you to connect to the right audience and even at the right place. Here are a few of the best free social media tools.

1) Google alerts :

It is a notification service provider which is a product of the number one search engine of the world which is in fact Google. The user just has to create an alert of the news, person, event and many more categories for which he wants to receive regular updates on. An email is sent to the user every-time there is any news of which he/she has created an alert on.

2) Facebook Page Insights :

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform. Page Insight is only visible to the admins of the page form where they can monitor and track user interaction on their page. The administrators are even able to see the number of likes, weekly total reach, People talking about your post and even the number of check-ins to your page.

facebook page insight

3) TweetDeck :

It is one of the best free Twitter tool available. The main advantage of TweetDeck is that a user is able to manage multiple twitter accounts absolutely free. With it’s easy to use interface and many options like retweet, reply or even favorite it, it is one of the most essential free tools for Twitter.


Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the soul of the lead generation. No email marketing campaign means no business in short. Following are some free email marketing tools.

1) MailChimp :

MailChimp is both a free and paid service provider. but its free services attract more and more business owners to use their bulk email service in order to generate email marketing campaigns. With over 1 billion emails sent almost every day, it is perhaps one of the best bulk email service providers.


2) FreshMail :

 FreshMail is a mass mailing app. This allows the user to send bulk emails and even let them know who is opening their newsletters and clicking on the links in your email. With their easy-to-use cyclical messages, sending messages automatically to your targeted audience is now possible saving many human hours and efforts.


3) PutsMail :

Now being called as Litmus PutsMail it allows users to test HTML emails before sending them. This makes sure the mail to be sent is error-free and of the correct format.

There are many more Apps which are free and are productive at the same time. Join Digital Trainee the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune today and master all the tools today and learn the practical way.


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