Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which will get you a better ROI?

Now the fight on the battleground to choose Google Ads or Facebook Ads has become tough. It is really not easy to find what could be the best between both and choose one.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads influenced online advertising space. If the user plan to reach the product to the customers, then Google’s search network or Facebook’s news feed is the places to showcase the content to hit maximum engagement.

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Better for My Business?

The report confirms, at today’s time Facebook owns nearly around 2 billion monthly active users. Whereas, Google Ads could reach billions of people with an everyday record.

Understanding the importance and benefits of both, we have come up with the talks to find out which can be better to choose when it comes to delivering results.

If we can observe, smartphones have made our life easier. Now, we often “Google” any kind of major information which is required in seconds. Googling it has become vernacular and a daily routine. According to the study, it states the average person will spend more than five years of their lives surfing on social media platforms.

As we look for quick answers, the connectivity has substantially increased resulting in the consumer curiosity, demand in searching for products, services, and information.

It’s simpler than ever to search for products online, which means it’s also more competitive than ever. To help customers get close to your brand, you have to contribute and assist them in their problem-solving in a way that will subtly reflect them that you stand the best in the market.

Due to easy searches, it has become more complicated and interconnected that you’ll need a way to stand out of the court as the purchasing journey has completely changed.

Following are the effective aspects of online advertising which can impact consumer-related areas at the earliest:

Strong brand awareness

  • Strong brand awareness
  • Affecting buyer behavior
  • Provides reminders to curious buyers
  • Uses repetition to improve sales
  • Spread information in the potential areas
  • Multiple purchasing pathways

Digital marketers have also been studying consumer behavior for years, and in that time we’ve uncovered quite a few interesting principles that point to why ads work so well. As the average users usually avoid the ads placed in the side box, thus, the idea of placing online ads in the line of fire and the principle of banner blindness is used.

Moreover, Google Ads and Facebook ads have adopted the behavior and make it easier than ever to confirm audience engagements.

It has been learned that Google and Facebook ads are more capable than ever to help grow your business, only if a user knows how to use them properly.

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Understanding the easy hacks of using Google Ads

Google is believed to be the world’s largest search engine. According to Internet statistics, Google owns a record of around five billion search results per day. It has been confirmed by many that Google Ads is the most potential platform to advertise if you’re looking to grow your business and increase presence on the digital platform.

Google ads 1

Understanding the fact, if you are good at operating Google Ads, then this platform would settle your business on the top. This is how it should be operated by a new user:

Search network: Search network allows campaigns to appear for searches based on keywords. If you are looking for a plumber, you can search for “plumbing service”. Search network ads show up at the top of Google search results.

Display network: The display network campaigns deliver the understanding of your ads on website and apps. These ads can be seen in any format of content such as videos, images, and more.

Google Shopping: Shopping ads are mostly eCommerce-based ads that allow the user to show up high-quality, relevant searches on direct products.

Video: Video-based ads deliver the content which is streaming live on YouTube or any video content app.

Re-targeting Google Ads: Google allows users to approach the lost customer, to remarket and win a sale.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the need for life for both users as well as businesses. As we all are aware of what Facebook is, and how effective this social network platform delivers the upbringing.

Facebook ads

As we studied the official statistics and comparison between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Obviously, Facebook doesn’t have as high numbers as Google, but it is also not a waste of ad spend. As Facebook has around more than 2 billion monthly active users, so this social networking platform has an ability to target or niche market for your business.

Facebook ads often are seen in the form of news feed style ads that integrate directly into your Facebook feed and look like a normal post. Moreover, the user can currently advertise on the desktop, Instagram, mobile phones, and even on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook offers the opportunity to choose “Custom Audiences” that allow you to target users by diverse demographics including job title, income level, seniority, and even things like hobbies or favorite TV shows. The user can choose a personalized audience targeting your brand.

Advertising on Facebook can only charge  $30 monthly and still get a good number of impressions. Additionally, you can complement your Facebook campaigns with other social media strategies, such as email-marketing and messenger chatbots.

We are Here With Conclusion:

Fb vs google ads

When it comes to choosing Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, it doesn’t have to be a competition or choice. The user can go for both the option as it is equally reliable to provide potential outcomes.

Paid search is one of the best ways to reach new audiences and re-engage with older leads. Google Ads and Facebook Ads have unique benefits for any type of business, no matter it is a small, medium or a large size of business. Both of them has good amount of targeting opportunities & great ad placements to generate new leads for your business.

If your business goals from the digital platform are to only generate brand awareness and social media engagement, then Facebook is the best place you landed on. And for specific leads, sales, or conversions, then both platforms will do the magic.

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