Why Digital Trainee is No. 1 Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune?

Why Digital Trainee Is No.1 In Pune?

There are many reasons as to why our digital trainee number one in Pune city. Here are a few of them which make us the best digital marketing training providers in Pune:

1. Digital Trainee ranks No. 1 on first page of Google search engine :

Second page of Google is nothing but a graveyard of sites which are ignored by Google as Google does not display what internet users don’t want to see and according to a study 75% of the people using internet never scrolls past the first page. Figuring of how to get on the first page of Google is very complex and overwhelming. Ranking is what which gives you an edge over other competitors. This is an achievement as well as a result of our staff at Digital Trainee who stays regularly updated to all Google tools and algorithms which is necessary in determining the order in which the websites are displayed in search results.

Check Our Results:

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2. First Digital Training institute to have launched an Android App in Pune :

We boast ourselves to be the first Digital Training institute in Pune to have successfully launched a free educational app which is specially designed for our candidates. This is an encouraging step taken by us for the welfare of our candidates

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You can download our app from: https://goo.gl/vM8biw 

3. More than 150+ reviews of 5 star rating on Google :

Google reviews is the new deciding factor which shows what people actually think about your organisation as according to a recent study more than 88% of consumers supposedly find online reviews more trustworthy than being recommended by even trustworthy people.


If your organisations reviews appear to be even below 4 stars on Google you are less likely to be considered than your competitor who might have better ratings than you. A negative review is a deciding factor in making or breaking of an organisation. Candidates are more likely to share their negative experience than the positive ones and hence our Google reviews of digital trainee speak for themselves. With over 150+ five stars reviews we definitely are the best Digital Training institute in Pune.

4. First institute in Pune to give free domain name and hosting to each and every Candidates :

Domain name gives you a specific identity. Domain is like a business you own and hosting is like the place where you run your business. We at digital trainee are the first institute in Pune which gives domain name and hosting to each and every single candidate in our educational institution.

We will make Sure our candidates make their own website until the end of their course.

5. First institute to show work done by our candidates on our website :

We are one of a kind institute in digital marketing who have always encouraged our candidates to perform various practical tasks and have inspired them to do more by posting the work done by them on our website in order to boost their morale and also to display the talent of our candidates.


6. Highest number of placements in Pune region :

With more than 300 candidates placed until today we have emerged as the best digital marketing training institute in Pune providing a skilled workforce and contributing directly to the big initiative of transforming INDIA to digital INDIA.


Check Out Our Placement : https://goo.gl/SGFhpy

Our placement cell provides 100% placement assistance after completion of their respective course and maintains good relations with our candidates even after that.

7. Candidate testimonials :

Watch honest feedback of our candidates about their experience with digital trainee.

You can watch the videos on: 


Watch Morehttps://goo.gl/1Mjzyq

Become an expert in Digital Marketing with the help of Digital Trainee and  enjoy an illustrious career ahead.



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