Digital Marketing Updates March 2018 ?

March 2018

Digital Marketing Updates From March 2018

If you are the one to keep a track of the latest happenings in the field of Digital Marketing; as one should be if you belong to the same; then here are the Digital Marketing updates from March 2018. Going ahead, these might turn up to become the top digital marketing trends 2018, who knows? What’s Happening On The Digital Marketing Front these days ? Well, let’s find out with respect to different points….

1. Website visitor behavior and conversions :

It is a fact that video content is looking to rule the web. The mix of videos, GIFs and live streaming these days are changing the scene of most social platforms. On account of this, your Google My Business may have the capacity to partake in the fun. Google has gradually been coming up with video upload sections for entrepreneurs.


2. Facebook News Update :

As a result of individuals needing to view more from their loved ones in their News Feed, Facebook tried out the Explore Feed as a committed place for content from Pages. The users have talked, and they didn’t seem to have digested the idea of two separate feeds. They likewise didn’t discover the Explore Feed as a powerful method to find new businesses and public figures they didn’t as of now follow. In this way, Facebook is terminating the Explore Feed test. However,  the News Feed will keep on including more from family and friends, and lesser on the brand front.


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3. Google My Business now permits Restaurants Add Menus to Listings :

Google is enabling restaurants to include the Menu Section and alter menus straightforwardly in their Google My Business listing. With the feature now being presented, listing proprietors will have the capacity to exhibit their menu straightforwardly on their Google listing for buyers on mobile by including their own organized menu utilizing the GMB Info tab.

4. “Brand New” Google Plus now on Android :

Google has already announced that in the near future, it is planning to enable a brand new rendition of the G+ Android application. In spite of the fact that it nearly resembles its current application, the newer form is the zenith of an entire rework of numerous core features utilizing Google’s most recent Android application framework which will permit its Android team to develop new features on a cutting edge tech stack !



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5. Google comes up with a HTTPS deadline :

Google has been urging site owners to shift to a secure website for quite a while now, and now they have fixed a deadline of sorts. HTTPS or a secure site implies you are bringing in additional layers of protection for your visitors that consists of encryption of private data. For a few, the ranking boost alone was sufficient to bring about the switch.


Be that as it may, now, if your website isn’t secured by July of 2018, a warning will show up for all Chrome browser users (43% of the total web users in the US) that the website isn’t secure. On the off chance that you’ve been putting this off, it’s an opportunity to do the switch or hazard losing a ton of ranking and traffic! Converting is less demanding and more cheaper now, than any time in recent memory. Majority hosting platforms offer this choice and some even offer the migration service for your site.

5. Enhancement in AdWords :

Google AdWords Express now presents a new feature termed, call notifications, to offer feedback on the calls users obtain through AdWords Express and to track down any of the missed calls. At the point when a user completes a phone call with a customer who discovered his ad on Google, he’ll obtain a notification to offer feedback on the relevance of the call. This will enable AdWords Express better target users’ advertisements to the correct customers.


These happen to be some of the significant Digital Marketing Updates from March 2018, exclusively for you.

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