Digital Marketing Training Program- Digital Trainee’s Approach


An effective digital marketing strategy is the mainstream of strength and engagement for contemporary business undertakings. Be it to rank newcomers with one of a kind creative products or a stable organization with an enormous product/service line, advertisers are always on the search for new resources in online marketing to enhance their aptitudes and pick up hands-on experience before really executing them. Therefore, a digital marketing course is fundamental to take the most advantage from the developing opportunities with exhaustive learning models. How would you acquire it?

Digital Trainee is one of the premier names, who conducts a digital marketing course in Pune. We follow a certain approach in training our candidates. The approach is adopted so that those undergoing our courses, would benefit to the maximum. Practical oriented training is given emphasis for all our courses. After all, it is your practical skills that will count big when you enter the industry looking for a job or plan a startup.

  1.  Specialized training courses:

Learn as an individual or as a group with our specialized courses. That includes corporate digital training program wherein we visit corporate campuses to train employees and executives. Get more value each moment with the help of graphics, PowerPoint presentations and live interactions based training sessions. Feel the need of classroom training? Attend our free demo training classes before enrolling for the actual training program, to get a better feel of the course. Choose a weekend batch on the off chance that you are a working professional who loves to learn with a physical presence in a classroom.

  1. Practical hands-on training:

You can work as an intern on a live project to get hands-on training on what it feels to be a digital marketing professional. Assess your qualities and shortcomings through that and you have the freedom to choose a tailor-made curriculum from our intensive digital marketing course syllabus. This can help you enhance your technical knowledge and abilities. Gain from us the SEO dialect superior to anyplace else. Utilize the subjective theory instructional exercises and timely evaluation reports to know your flaws and shortcomings and develop an awesome career in digital marketing.

Practical training is provided by us in the following:

Affiliate marketing.

Conversion rate optimization.

Content marketing and blogging.

Email marketing and CRM.

Search marketing (both organic and paid).

Social network management.

And various other concepts related to digital marketing.


By the end of a digital marketing course syllabus, you will be able to implement the following on your own:

Integrated digital campaigns.

Content and social media marketing.

Adwords and SEO.

Google analytics customization.

Email marketing.

Ecommerce specific analytics.

M-commerce enabled mobile marketing.

  1. Learn only what interests you:

We have an extensive variety of subjects and specialization to cover each part of Digital Marketing. Select more than 50 unique subjects identified with SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Email marketing and lots more. Just enroll for the subject that you think will help you grow.

Join our courses to master the basics and advanced knowledge in the field of digital marketing:

Digital marketing training

Advanced SEO training

SMO/SMM training

SEM (PPC) training

As a premier digital marketing training company in Pune, we lead the path with our advanced digital marketing course and industry-driven syllabus. Grasp our approach in order to become a Google certified digital marketing proficient. A large number of opportunities are awaiting you.

What are you waiting for? Enroll your name right now…! Seats filling fast!

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