Digital Trainee -Digital Marketing Courses in Pune: New Android Mobile App Launch

Digital Trainee, which has carved a niche for itself of being India’s 1st Practical Digital Marketing Training Institute, has come up with a new mobile app for the Android platform. The Android mobile app has been specially introduced by Digital Trainee, to fulfill the learning needs of the trainees. With this app, getting information about Digital Trainee and the Digital Marketing courses on offer is now easy!

Digital Trainee Mobile App

Now stay connected with Digital Trainee, even when on the move!!!
  • What’s on offer?

In the present scenario, everyone has a mobile in hand. Particularly, youngsters or students. It won’t be wrong to say that today we make use of mobile phones for the majority of the things we do. More than any other devices like laptops, personal computers, etc. Be it banking transactions or as simple as accessing a website. In light of this, mobile apps serve to be a lifeline to mobile users.

Keeping these things in mind and the needs of the Digital Marketing career aspirants, Digital Trainee has launched a dedicated Android mobile app. This app from Digital Trainee can be called a clone of their website, with everything on the site present here as well. So, downloading the app is all that one needs to do, to have all the information at fingertips.

LMS or the Learning Management System provided special emphasis at Digital Trainee, this app would prove to be extremely beneficial for the same, making learning anytime, anywhere a reality for the trainees of Digital Trainee. All that they need to have is a mobile, and an Internet connection.

Digital Trainee LMS

Easy access to the LMS is the main purpose of this Android-based app.
  • Android Mobile App from Digital Trainee – The Benefits

This app dedicated to the Digital Marketing course from Digital Trainee, brings to the table, a number of benefits for the candidates. Let’s take a tour of them,

Android Mobile App from Digital Trainee – The Benefits

– Better processing of the training videos

– Enhanced UX UI functionality

– Easy and hassle-free access to training backup videos, mocks, study material, placement calls, domain registration, etc.

– Access to good quality videos

– Users will have access to Digital Marketing blogs

– A place where you can get all the details regarding Digital Marketing and the corresponding course in Pune from Digital Trainee. 

– An app to make you an expert in Digital Marketing

– Self-learning is possible at your convenient time

– Mock tests on the app would help trainees to test their knowledge, and prepare for the interviews

– Get to know the latest trends in Digital Marketing through this app

All of this and more, just in one click! Your new Digital Marketing knowledge partner.

Closing Thoughts

One more offering from Digital Trainee, who has always been student-oriented in their approach. Another feather in the cap of this trendsetter Digital Marketing training institute. Digital Trainee Mobile App has crossed the boundaries and expanded the horizons as far as access to learning and information is concerned. Especially, in case of a booming field like Digital Marketing. No doubt that the trainees would benefit big time with the launch of this app.

What can be better for the Digital Marketing career aspirants than having complete information and knowledge base, right on their mobile phones? Digital Trainee has yet again proved that learning has no limits and excuses. All that is needed is a strong desire in you.

So, without waiting for a second, do download this app, and join Digital Trainee for a successful and satisfying career in Digital Marketing

Digital Trainee - Digital Marketing Course

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