A Look Into The Future: What Will Digital Marketing Be Like In 2020?

How To Make Your digital marketing future 2020 Look Like A Million Bucks-min

How To Make Your digital marketing future 2020 Look Like A Million Bucks

Interested in knowing what lies in the future for Digital Marketing? You would be especially if you are associated with this field. So, for all those interested, we are going to take a look at the future of Digital Marketing 2020. We will not restrict ourselves to just the future of Digital Marketing in India but will take a look at the general picture.

It comes as no surprise that since its initiation, Digital Marketing has come up with a huge change in the world of business and is expected to continue with consistent improvements being done in the field. However, what lies in the future for Digital Marketing? It would be interesting to see…


1. The transition :

The fastest probable transformation in the coming years is expected to be from desktops to mobile phones. This will likewise prompt to an elevated level of personalization. Indeed, even in current times you more likely than not must have seen the transition. It is effective in developing more interaction at an individual level between the brand and the consumer. Mobiles, in general, will prompt the shift of content on the little screen.Meltwater-Customer-Purchase-Funnel-high-rez

Accordingly, the use of social media platforms will see a rise. This further facilitates to easily understand and track consumer conduct. In this manner, it will turn out to be extremely useful for the eventual fate of Digital Marketing within ad campaigns.

2. The hottest thing :

Videos along with their sharing are in all probability going to be the hottest trend and will be additionally elevated due to the ascent in mobile usage. Narrating stories is craftsmanship and if told properly, supported by pictures or video clips, a convincing message and music pieces, it is bound to touch the hearts of listeners.


The video is one case of an effective blend of creativity and innovation implemented at the same time and the interest for videos will increase to a great degree. What’s more, being more customized for a user as it is not brand produced; videos offer a successful method to portray content to the audience. Also, the content can be more customized and in view of the customer experience or feedback collected from information gathered amid journey mapping.

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3. Journey Mapping :

Another vital development in the future of Digital Marketing is thought to be in journey mapping. It will definitely serve to be a fundamental part of improving customer experience and communication with an audience. The data obtained utilizing technologies and the feedbacks from the customers will help to understand the consumer needs.


Future will observe various brands coming up with strategies to create a brand faithful business. It will serve the requirements of customers and will improve associations. There will be sites specially developed for you. This will be a huge pattern in the near future. The brand will cater to your interests, with the goal that you invest your time and money on them.

4. Data based predictions :

As 2020 approaches, it is trusted that Digital Marketing will be able to carry out predictive analysis. Business value and ROI (Return on Investment – Increase business ROI) will be a noteworthy player in this scenario. The vital ROI must be computed with exact data on what is bringing in traffic and conversions. These can be termed as some of the major trends expected to prevail in the year 2020.

5. Key channels that would prevail in 2020 :

We as a whole jump at the chance to surmise that what’s to come is at all times a couple of years off and tend to delay on things we ought to focus on. E.g. marketing strategies, yet before you realize it, we’ll be a part of it and every one of the things that we put off are bound to lead to marketing endeavors falling behind on account of the procrastination. What’s more, it experiences a fall just like a pack of cards!

So in light of that, here’s a gander at the key advertising channels for their businesses in  the year 2020:

  • Social Networking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile web
  • Mobile apps


 For now, we will not dig into the large number of micro-channels.

Do your present investment priorities resemble this? To make sure that you don’t remain behind, you have to put resources into the future channels right now and not at a later date. This can be called the best way to emerge, and that too ahead of your competition.

So, prepare yourself accordingly by gaining the desired knowledge and expertize, with the help of the various Digital Marketing courses in Pune available in your vicinity.

At present, Digital Marketing has turned out into one of the significant marketing tools for all kinds of businesses. In India, till 2013, the internet was restricted to just 16% and in 2014 the use saw a rise to 31% and in 2017, majority of the businesses rely upon the Internet and Digital Marketing, around 70% and it is quite possible that in the coming future, around 90% business in India will rely upon online marketing.

It is expected that in the coming times of Digital Marketing, 80% business will expand their budget for their Digital Marketing endeavors as they trust that Digital Marketing decides the fate of an organization which in the end leads to a successful future for Digital Marketing.


To conclude, one can say that in 2020, with an expected 2.5 billion Smartphones in use, digitization. And the internet will guarantee that the upcoming technologies will be completely embraced. This continued adoption will bring about transparency and buyers will be all the more demanding and ask for better service.

Eventually, the bar will be raised to a great degree. As such transparency will guarantee clarity on the organization’s performance. And rating implying they won’t simply take a look at your competition but go for a company that will offer the sort of service they are looking for. Lastly, with all this, there would be an increase in selectivity!

Are you ready for the year 2020 challenge then?

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