Why Is Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Customer Support? Top 7 Reasons


Why Is Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Customer Support? An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

It won’t be wrong to call Customer Support an industry in itself with almost every business either having a team dedicated to the same or outsourcing the job. No wonder customer support is given so much importance. After all, it is all about customers when we talk business.

Each passing day, Digital Marketing is becoming more and more a part of customer support. So much so that it is being called the future of it! Ever thought why so? Well, over here we will be seeing the benefits of Digital Marketing to customers. Which will implicitly provide an answer to our question. Let’s proceed then…

  1. Lesser cost :

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The first reason that comes to mind is the cost incurred.

Overall, it costs around $1 to resolve a customer specific issue via social media/digital platform. On the other hand, traditional call center communication costs 6 folds the amount! Besides, Digital Marketing agents have ended up being 167% more efficient, which results in significant savings for a brand while bringing about a rise in the overall effectiveness of their customer support strategy. So, it is pretty clear as to which mode is effective cost wise.

  1. Gaining added trust :


Gaining trust with the help of ‘Cold Calling’, you must have requested potential customers to believe you with no strong reason. This has dependably been a testing thing for marketers. However, the opportunities have seen a change. In present times, if buyers can discover a social proof of your product quality over the Internet, they in all likelihood would approach you.

Whatever the requirement, consumers have a go at hunting it down online and from the marketer’s perspective, having the presence online is a lot easier approach to lead them to your line of products or services. By coming up with a helpful catalog and creative content, you can attempt to attract their attention and thus build the trust factor.

Undergo Digital Marketing training and learn how to serve your customers better with the help of various digital platforms.

  1. What do customers prefer?

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According to the various studies conducted, 90% of the users have used the digital/social media platforms to communicate with a brand. Going further, 34.5% of respondents communicated a strong inclination for this channel of customer support. With 24.7%, live chat and website ranked in second, while Email was placed at the third position with a 19.4%. The inclination for the traditional support over the phone has reduced to under 16.1%, demonstrating that the attitudes and preferences of customers have seen a sea of change.

Brands wanting to reach prospective clients where they’re, ought to listen and respond based on that.

  1. Expanded reach :

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In case of cold calling, you are actually involved in just a one-on-one game. This results in seriously affecting the number of individuals you can contact at a given point in time. Indeed, even with the best cold callers, you are restricted in terms of the leads. However, Digital Marketing and its various tools, then again, enable you to expand your audience in an exponential manner. In current times, people read and share content and subsequently make it available to a whole rundown of demographics. The sole thing you need to make sure is that the content is shareable and has the capability of going viral.

Digital Marketing courses would help you in becoming a Digital Marketing professional. Making the correct choice is what matters.

  1. Innovation and software :

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Innovations with various software organizations presently coming up with innovative products to enable businesses to better communicate with their customers, the innovation can finally be said to be catching up with the demand. The social or digital business software alone is relied upon to be a $37 billion industry by 2018. Such new software products will keep on helping streamline the online customer support process, and cut down support tickets as frequently asked questions are dealt with the help of machine intelligence and databases.

  1. Everything happens online :

Why Is Digital Marketing

How much ever you might deny, literally, everybody is online today. Digital Marketing doesn’t simply include the e-commerce apps and sites yet in addition, the social platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and that’s just the beginning. The present-day digital marketing subsequently enables you to associate with all varieties of audiences across the whole world.

Today’s buyer conduct has helped in breaking the barriers of language, geography, and demography. In the previous two years, the number of users also in the age group of 55+ has risen by almost 80%. So in this case of the younger generation, the numbers are altogether generous. In the event you have been searching for a more extensive target market, your customers for sure will be on the web.

  1. The increasing use of mobile phones :


Mobile phones and especially smartphones have effortlessly overtaken the prominence of any of the other digitized gadgets. They are convenient and therefore have become a default choice for one and all. With a rising number of features and rest of the conveniences, smartphones in the near future are all set to control the Digital Marketing industry and thus customer support as well.

That’s because mobile phones bring to the table other digital platforms through Internet access as opposed to just making calls; which was the case earlier. No surprise if customers prefer to interact using these digital mediums instead of talking over a call. Wise marketers are as of now extracting the maximum with the help of their mobile phones. However, There are challenges lying ahead that need to be overcome.

After going through all these factors. There is no reason as to why Digital Marketing cannot become the future of customer support. In fact, Digital Marketing has already started to make an impact, when we talk about customer support.

So, its time to go with the flow and undergoing Digital Marketing training is what can help you.  Especially, if you belong to the customer support industry. It’s all about going digital!

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