Candidate Feedback By Avinash Jadhav Placed At Brilliant Info Systems

Candidate Feedback


“Digital Trainee is an Excellent Digital Marketing Institute. Family
Atmosphere, Experienced Teaching Staff, Personal attention on 
Every Student and clear concept practically. Turning Point Of My Life.
Thank You Digital Trainee.”



1) Please share your educational/professional background?

Ans: I have done Master In Computer Application (MCA) from Pune University.


2) Please tell us your reason for choosing career in digital marketing?
Ans: I’m interested in Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing is progressive field. Technology is change every day. I’m interested to learning a new things.


3) How did you get to know about digital marketing?
Ans: My friend is doing same course in Digital Trainee. She told me  the importance about Digital Marketing.


4) Why did you choose Digital Trainee over others?
Ans: Digital Trainee is a excellent Digital Marketing institute. Family atmosphere, Experience teaching staff, personal attention on every students and clear the concepts of students practically.


 5) How was your overall experience with Digital trainee?
Ans: Great experience in Digital Trainee. Best place to improve your knowledge & skill for better feature.


6) Please share a memorable moment with Digital Trainee if any?
Ans:  Farewell and certification. 


7) How is the faculty and training at Digital trainee?
Ans: Very helpful teaching staff provide personal attention to each candidates and clear concept practically.


8) What are your future plans?
Ans: Reach at higher position in a company.


9) Would you like to give any message to our students/readers?
Ans: If you got more knowledge then attend 100% lectures.


10) How will you rate Digital Trainee out of 10?
Ans: I rate Digital Trainee 10/10 ,because i get practical  knowledge which  support me to build my career.


11) Describe digital trainee in one word?
Ans: Turning point of My life.


Best Of Luck For Your Future !!!

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