The Battle for Traffic: Organic SEO vs. Social Media

Battle Organic SEO vs. Social Media

SMM Or SEO: Which is more important for website traffic?

If you run an online business,

I am sure you must have had faced this problem.

There is always confusion among the people in business,

Whether to choose social media marketing or organic SEO as their tool to make an influence among people.

When you observe carefully,

most of the people before buying any product, surf the internet, get the details, compare prices and finally decide to spend money in the right place.

If you are not very good with organic SEO, you are into trouble now.

But wait!

Do not form any conclusions right now as we have not seen the other side of the coin. Social media has become an essential part of our life today.

According to studies from the Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai, on an average, an individual spends more than 27 hours in a week on social media. You yourself must have experienced this.

You see this gorgeous jacket while scrolling through Instagram and your heart falls for it. You click on the given link, visit the website and if you are having good money days, you just buy that.

Gosh! I guess now you must be totally confused. There must be a fierce full tug of war happening in your mind!

Moreover, you must be irritated with me as you visited the page for a solution and I have confused you more!!

I am sorry for that but before e moving to the solution, we always need to make a clear picture of the problem in our mind so that we land up to an apt solution. Now as we know the scene on each side of the tug, let us compare these two on a certain basis to find an appropriate answer.

  • The stage of your business matters

If you are at an initial stage, then your business needs to develop a brand name in order to increase its follower base that will blindly trust in your brand. See, if you focus on engaging more users with you and then provide apt services, users will start having an emotional attachment with your brand.

So, after this stage even if they make an organic search and you do not show up in the first two results, they will scroll down, search your page and visit your website always. It is always difficult to move out of the comfort zone.

So, if you are successful in making people comfortable with your brand there are very fewer chances that people will prefer something else above you.

Hence, the conclusion is – If your business is in the starting stage and is slowly making an impact in the market, nothing can be as good as social media for you. Opting for organic search at this stage will be a foolish decision.

  • The amount of effort to be put varies

Social media marketing requires a lot of work to be done. As of all of us, being social media users know that the life cycle of any post and its impact on the minds of people is very short.

You need to regularly post something new so that people don’t forget you. Competition is so bad in this pool that a little distraction and all your hard work goes into vain. You need to prepare prior strategies of how will your posts go online. You cannot be monotonous or outdated as that will irritate your users.

So, we need to research a lot and be updated on what is trending and what are new technologies and techniques. Moreover, you need to show your presence on multiple platforms.

By now you must have got the idea of how much effort it takes if you use social media marketing as your tool to get traffic for your business. So, if your business is small, there is not much team and you are facing those financial compromises, organic SEO is a better option for you.

  • Time and deadline

There are businesses that have a good amount of time and are patient with the process but there are some businesses that have very short deadlines and a lot of pressure from the investor’s side. The organic search takes months to show your online presence.

The growth of your business will also not be an exponent graph, but a linear graph, if you go for organic search whereas results are different in social media marketing. If you put right strategies and good services, digital marketing courses in Pune can help you reach your goal in a very short span.

  • Presenting thoughts

Both social media and organic SEO give the business a chance to express their thoughts in front of the audience. The difference between the two lies in the way the thoughts are presented. When you use social media, your present thoughts in a very creative way.

The amount of content that you can have is limited. So, in a small packet, you have to adjust one thing and everything. This task is a little complicated for non- creative people.

When we talk about organic SEO the limit of the content is quite high. We can express each and every idea very precisely. It gives us a lot more space to explain the A- Z of our business to our customer base. One need not be very creative with content when you use organic SEO as a medium to bring traffic to your business.


Both social media marketing and organic SEO have their pros and cons on a different basis. NO, it is your job to identify the class and level of your business and which method is best suited for you according to your time, deadline, financial conditions, etc.

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