7 Essential Principles of Successful Email Marketing

If you look forward to getting exposure to your business, email marketing is the only thing which can make your business look big. Email marketing is considered as a secret weapon to grab the lead for the business. Moreover, it benefits of building your mailing list and generate leads with positive results in no time.

Having said that, around 82% of B2B and B2C companies are practicing their own campaigns on email marketing. This is the only opportunity to increase the sales graph and get maximum leads to the product.  We being the best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai have come up with seven essential principles to run successful email marketing.

7 Principles of Highly Successful Email Marketing

Stay Promising

Before starting an email marketing, all you have to look forward is the purpose and promise. There are several ways to go mistaken. If a user sign up for a newsletter or a free download and gets a bunch of uncalled for promotions, a promise is broken. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with promoting or up-selling the product or services.

Personalize and Sequence

It is essential to personalize the email experience. If you look forward to designing an email campaign with a UX point of view, it makes more sense to create sequence within campaigns. However, these acknowledge what subscribers already know. Using sequenced emails to send targeted and specialized emails that speak more accurately to the subscribers. 

Personalize and Sequence

Knowing if someone has bought your stuff before or downloaded freebies deserve an entirely different email than someone who has just subscribed versus someone who has been a subscriber for a long time but hasn’t taken any action. 

Mobile Optimization

Optimization learns about what and where you have to focus on. It is critical to have a flexible email template that works on both desktops as well as mobile ones. Default templates from most email marketing services such as Omnisend, ConvertKit, or MailChimp are mobile-friendly.

Mobile email Optimization

However, if you’re designing the custom, make sure it’s responsive. Prior to processing the campaign, make sure it works in apps from Gmail to Outlook. Examine the design on different devices.

Moreover, you have to save some time for analytics tools to see precise device and platform break-downs for subscribers.

Custom Design

Postcards tool is the recommended tool for designing custom emails. This tool is efficient and much easier to drag and drop builder and customization for branding and functionality. Postcards design components are optimized for desktop and mobile emails automatically. If you are want to set hands on customizing design, Digital Marketing Courses in Pune is the potential source to gain expertise knowledge on email marketing.

Get in Touch

If you have ever noticed, we rarely give a reply to the sender on emails. The organizations lack when the email starts with “noreply@…” This act reflects a rude expression. This is act is considered as a missing opportunity from a business standpoint. The Mindset Reset, a campaign from Mel Robbins to death gained thousands of subscribers from a single email marketing campaign. Though putting the first link in the email’s footer to go to the FAQs is a bit impersonal.

Moreover, Paul Jarvis is believed to be the king of a successful email marketing campaign. Depending on the emails, he directly asks users to respond to the emails. Thus, if you set a strategy of asking to respond to the email with feedback, and hello’s your email marketing campaign gain traction. This leads to take further the conversation between you and users and you might get a long term subscriber to your channel.


It is important to check the readability and scalability of the design. If you prefer the best emails, they are easy to digest and easy to read. The viewers did not need to take efforts to read the email and hit the subscribe button. Visual design factors are beneficial for reading experiences and influencing the success of a campaign.

The contrast between text and the background, the size of the fonts and even the messiness of the overall design are important considerations. While creating a design, you always have to be careful with the heading size and the body copy. It’s hard to distinguish one from the other so the text appears similar and becomes overwhelming. Design an email which makes comfortable to scan and read.


Testing the emails can be your last move to go for. We all have great strategies to run an email marketing campaign to let grow the sales. The above tricks could be the best practices to work on and stay handy for email marketing. Testing assures your best results for emails if you had the best plan strategy. Testing ideas are easy and accessible about all major email marketing services including Mailchimp, Postcards, or CovertKit.

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