Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO: 5 Key Areas To Focus On

Optimizing Your Blog Post for SEO 5 Key Areas To Focus On

How To Optimize Your Blogs For Search Engine Marketing Results

If you are confused about how to optimize blog posts for SEO, then we ensure that you get an answer to this question through this blog, which is dedicated to this very topic.

The sad truth is that numerous bloggers fall short to exploit the huge marketing potential that their blogs have to offer. The reason? Lack of knowledge regarding how to optimize blog posts for Search Engine Optimization.

But, guess what?

For all those who are interested in learning, over here we are going to share with you, exclusive blog SEO tips! You can read them below…

1. Research thoroughly :

First things first. Keyword Research is a fundamental thing for on-page optimization. Odds are that you are naturally making use of keywords without being aware essentially, by providing valuable content specific to a topic. However, there is an assortment of techniques and tools for finding relevant keywords that go with your blog post that you might not have taken into consideration. E.g. semrush.com, Google AdWords Keyword Tool etc. come with effective tools that enable you to find keywords identified with your topic and also spy on your competition to perceive which phrases and words they are focusing on to attract traffic on to their sites.

2. Design a structure for your blog post :

Begin your post by designing a clear structure. Each post of yours needs to have the following:

  •  Some kind of introduction (introduce your topic over here)
  • A body (over here, the main message is written and conveyed)
  • A conclusion (a place where a conclusion is drawn or the most important ideas need to be summarized)

2. Design a structure for your blog post

Jot down what you wish to have in each of these sections, and thus have a sort of summary for your post. After this, the actual writing can begin.

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3. Do not forget to use keywords across your post :

After you are done with the targeting of a couple of relevant and valuable keywords, it becomes necessary to put them where they will have the most effective for people and search engine crawlers that would be indexing your content. Try to incorporate them in the accompanying places:

  • Title
  • Heading and Sub-headings
  • Beginning para or sentence
  • Concluding para
  • Meta descriptions and title tags
  • Anchor text (the text that you hyper-link for navigation to other relevant pages on your website)

Tip: Do not go for keyword stuffing, as it may lead to you being penalized by Google. Instead, a few strategically positioned keywords will serve the purpose.

4. User Experience Counts :

Present day search engine algorithms are inclining increasingly towards the user experience. This implies that Google focuses more on how long visitors actually stay on your blog, and what number of pages they navigate through than to what degree your website happens to be optimized.

Once more :

That doesn’t imply that SEO is not of any use, that’s because it can contribute big time to increase your Google ranking. It only means that the entire process is substantially more natural and really simpler these days.

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5. Provide reference to others using links :

When you specify another blogger or article in your blog post, do not forget to incorporate a link to the information you are about to refer. In addition to the fact that it is a good blogging etiquette, you may likewise benefit and get a link back to your site. Quality links turn out to be a precious commodity for any site that is hoping to rank higher on the search engine results pages.

As stated, these happen to be some of the important areas on which you need to focus, if you are looking to optimize your blog post for SEO.

Do watch this space for informative write-ups on interesting topics like these.

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