What Make Instagram stories to sell your product: 5 Ways You Can Use Them!

5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

A piece of information for all those who are not aware; Instagram lets brands sell products in stories! Yes, it’s true! After knowing this, thinking of using it to your advantage? Here’s how you can use Instagram stories, to promote your business. Hopefully, these pointers can provide you with some of the best Instagram story ideas. Along with this, also do check out for the best Instagram stories examples, for getting a better idea on this.

5 ways in which Instagram stories can be used to promote your business :
  1. Set up a behind the scenes tour for your followers :

One would be surprised to know how keen individuals are, as far as taking a peek behind the scenes is concerned. Be it anything! During a time where customers are doubtful regarding traditional marketing, there’s a trustworthiness in shedding your layers off and taking your audience on a behind the curtains tour. That could be a glimpse of your office cafeteria, a gander at the nuts and bolts of your production line or a time-lapse look of your stand going up at an industry event. Make your followers feel as though they are an integral part of your business.

  1. Go for a company milestone celebration :

A company milestone in the making? Develop a story that would highlight your organization event and take a look back at all the major things that your company has achieved. Take a tip or two from an entity that has done this and brings a variety to your story by interviewing the employees or customers and asking them about their best memories in the office.

Ensure that you stay on the brand! Bring out your brand persona by using the right colors and tone, and remind the employees who show up in your video, that they are representing the company. Your business presumably has a greater number of stories than you would expect. Handling them like exciting occasions is an incredible approach to humanize your image and keep your customers keen on what you are up to.

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  1. New product teasers :

Coming up with a new product in the near future? Bring it up with a teaser story and allow your loyal set of followers spread the news on behalf of you. Create the buzz by ringing the bells. Feed the publicity machine. Reveal a couple of things related to a new feature.

  1. Transform your blog content into mini-articles :

In the first place, analyze the content you publish with the help of your blog. Odds are that you’ll discover an article that you could undoubtedly break into a number of slides to display in a visual manner. For instance, in case you’re a contractor, you could without much of a stretch coming up with an article on the latest patterns in home developed into a story.

Once you pick a topic, deploy your graphic design software to create the pictures and afterward upload them sequentially to develop your story. You can likewise incorporate a cover page with an engaging picture along with a conclusion image having a call to action and a URL that individuals can visit, for detailed information.

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  1. Questions and Answers session :

A smooth edit of a short Q&A with your CEO gives that human touch for your business. You can cut in a few shots of your services or products to ensure that the brand message hits home. Stories are such a powerful medium of communication, and with a platform like Instagram allowing its use, it would be but obvious wise to make use of it to the fullest. It will take your business to newer heights!

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