5 Latest Tools For Effective Digital Marketing

Up to this point, we have been seeing a number of concepts related to digital marketing. Be it related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and all sorts.

But, guess what?

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools

This article is going to be somewhat different. You would find it very much interesting. That’s because, we are going to check out a list of digital marketing tools, that are going to make digital marketing damn easy for you. Isn’t it interesting?

You may even call them

The best digital marketing tools in 2019

  1. Videolean:

Videolean encourages you to make short duration promotional videos for your business without utilizing expert video editing skills or compromising on the nature of the output. Just select a video layout that will work best with your marketing campaign, tailor the content and design, and publish the clip.

The best part of utilizing this tool is that it offers a large collection of video templates that can be edited, similar to an infographic or explainer video. In case of businesses planning an economical marketing effort, Videolean is presumably a secured thing. You may not require a video editorial manager or costly editing tools to create videos that pull in customers.


Videolean offers different packages in view of the number of campaigns you wish to execute. You can decide on packages with or minus the facility to transfer your own music. Conclude the one which fits your prerequisites and you are prepared to go. The packages begin from USD 39 and go up to USD 199 every month.

  1. Mobile Moxie:

You’re now optimizing your site for the mobile environment. The issue is that there are a variety of various sorts of mobile phones out there. Mobile Moxie gives you a chance to choose for all intents and purposes any sort of major brand and model. You would then be able to see any URL of your browsing from the point of view of that smart gadget. Remove the guesswork from mobile optimization.

  1. Narrow:

Different brands are currently enthused about spending a noteworthy part of their advertising budget via social media promotion. Using Narrow, you can distinguish your intended audience on Twitter by essentially including keywords as names of influencers, sites, or hashtags. In light of this, Narrow will highlight the applicable tweets and track the perfect users for your brand image. This will build the exposure of your Twitter account and can help expand your fan following.


Narrow has isolated its marketing services into three classes – Basic, Pro, and Business. The monthly costs for these packs are USD 19, USD 49, and USD 99 respectively. Go for the free trials before finalizing the deal.

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  1. Colibri IO:

This email marketing and sales stage can spare a ton of time for marketers. Your customers are having various discussions on the web and your brand ought to be a piece of the pertinent ones. Colibri IO encourages you to discover those discussions and partake in them.

Colibri IO can enable you to send email newsletters and different publications where everybody gets a similar message. Further, it additionally assembles a rundown of conversations that are connected with your service/product on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and different platforms, so you can utilize that rundown to locate the best discussion to draw in with potential customers.

You can even present your brand in discussions about your rivals and offer noteworthy answers for their customers or value the great work done by your competitors. Colibri IO enables you to contact your prospects and leads specifically and impact their buying choices.


The monthly cost for utilizing this promoting tool extends between USD 45 and USD 295. You can even buy the agency membership, which will offer you more noteworthy features at USD 995 every month.

  1. Title-Generator:

Headline generators can serve to be all in or all out. Despite everything, you need to recognize what components are required to make a headline hit. Be that as it may, Title Generator is an awesome approach to get your imagination streaming. This tool is easy to utilize. Put in a word and you’ll get 700 titles and ideas. As you may expect, they’re not all victors. Be that as it may, perusing this thorough list will undoubtedly will sow a smart thought or two.

Being a digital marketer, you require tools to make your job easy. Missing out on, from the above list of digital marketing tools, might not devastatingly affect your brand(s), but rather can thwart your marketing from improving.

In this way, irrespective of your plans to spend on the premium digital marketing tools, utilize the above tools and improve your brand’s performance. Ensure that you comprehend the tools well to bring significant improvement in your marketing endeavors. Keep in mind, better tools are comparable to better advertising.

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Here is the list of digital marketing tools you must know:

Digital Marketing tools

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