The Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs In India [Updated Mar, 2019]

Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills in Demand 2019

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Well, over here were are going to check out about some of the highest paying Digital Marketing jobs in India!

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High Demanding Jobs In Digital Marketing & Average Salary in India

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Jobs Available in Digital Marketing On 15472 jobs :

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Jobs in Digital Marketing Available On Times Jobs :

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So, here are the various types of Digital Marketing jobs, along with their pay-scales :

1. SEO/SEM :

A portion of the most generously compensated Digital Marketing jobs going ahead will be those having expertize in SEO/SEM, which is nothing unexpected for the marketing experts. As search engine algorithms are continually changing, business ought to remain updated by deploying SEO specialists with a specific end goal to rank high on the search engine results page (SERP).

Businesses preferring SEO can observe an instant rise in site traffic and lead generation, alongside the capacity to push down competitors with ease, by taking their position in the SERPs.

Purchasing ad space on search engines or popular social media platforms is presently essential for businesses that are targeting larger audiences, increase site traffic, and bring about more leads. Because of this, pay scales are on the rise for professionals specializing in this Digital Marketing skill set.

Salary range :

The pay-scale for an SEO/SEM executive begins around Rs. 1,20,000. An individual with 4 years experience gets an average compensation in the range of 4,50,000 – Rs. 6,00,000. A person with 8+ years of experience earns on an average in the range of 9,50,000 to Rs. 15,00,000.

2. Data/Web Analytics Jobs In India:

Amongst the important skills of a prospective Digital Marketer ought to be data analytics. One comes across different sorts of data in terms of finance behind ads, graphs showing performance via social networking platforms etc.

In addition, the majority of the sites are connected to Google analytics so as to extract distinctive parameters concerning its performance. Consequently, every prospective hopeful requires hands-on with Google analytics. Moreover, general data analysis point of view is likewise required.

Salary range :

They happen to be the smallest pack of individuals in any Digital Marketing team. The salary begins from Rs. 2,50,000 and can go up to Rs. 15,00,000 for experienced professionals. Hone these high paying Digital Marketing skills by undergoing Digital Marketing Training.

3. Content Marketing Jobs In India:

Content Marketing can be called a strategic advertising approach in which the creative and targeted content is developed to pull in and retain customers. It is the most recent trend as each organization is searching for unique content to remain ahead in search results. What’s more, search algorithms have additionally altered their code based on the content. Most recent research demonstrates that the more unique the content is, the more effective are the search results.

content marketing

As the concept of content marketing is fresh (the most youthful), there is a considerable measure of confusion surrounding it. Not many possess the desired skills related to this. Frequently, individuals mistake it for PR. Truly, it assists in branding, however, it isn’t totally a PR based activity.

Salary range :

Owing to this, Content Marketing professionals are the most searched for in today’s times. Their pay scales are additionally considered to be the best in the business. It begins from Rs. 2,50,000 even for the entry-level positions. It could reach up to Rs. 12,00,000 post experience of 5-6 years.

4. UX Designing Jobs In India:

In spite of the fact that it’s been around for quite a while, organizations now comprehend that UX, short form for User Experience, is more than simply design. At present, UX revolves around the behavioral science behind the choices that customers opt for and how the UX can be enhanced in order to come up with certain patterns, such as following through a product purchase.


As businesses scramble to enhance the UX on their different online platforms, the pay scale for those with the knowledge of consumer practices and behaviors and UX related skills is soaring high.

Salary range :

An Entry-Level User Experience Designer can earn on an average up to Rs 501,706 per annum. Some of the skills that help in a pay rise for this job the most happen to be Usability Testing, User Research, Interaction Design, User Interface Design and so on.

Look for job oriented Digital Marketing courses in Pune in order to get a well-paid job post training.

5. Email Marketing Jobs :

As the name suggests, email marketing is the concept of sending commercial messages with the help of an email. It generally includes sending an email for requesting business, ads, sales to potential customers. Email marketing isn’t a solitary individual job. With a specific end goal to taste success in an email marketing effort, a business should have a professional team to implement it successfully.

Email Marketing

Salary range :

Email marketing in itself cannot be termed as a specialized profession. It is a blend of design, analytics, data analysis, experience, usability and so forth. Consequently, the number of jobs in this isn’t large. A manager works along with numerous team members in various areas to reach the goal. The entry-level compensation for professionals begins from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. It could reach up to Rs. 10,00,000 for very experienced individuals.

Digital Media Spend in India to cross Rs. 13,000 Crores in 2018 :

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Salary Range For Digital Marketing Jobs In India:

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More opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry all over the world:

Digital marketing jobs in india

Thus, we had a look at some of the top jobs in Digital Marketing that offer the highest salary packages. To become a highly paid Digital Marketing professional, join the best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai.

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