2018: What Will It Bring To Email Marketing?

2018: What Will It Bring To Email Marketing?

7 Email Marketing Trends Will It Bring On 2018

Now that 2018 is just round the corner, what is it about Email Marketing that you should be aware of? We mean to say, regarding the trends.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the Email Marketing trends 2018. Not to mention that these are simply predictions. As a whole, Email Marketing 2018 seems to be complex in nature, significant and important not to miss by any means.


  1. Email Automation :

Email automation facilitates to spare time and cash. Marketers create automated emails to send customized email messages to numerous customers with the help of bulk email service. This service enables them to categorize emails in view of particular parameters set by them. It makes possible lead nurturing process where emails are sent relying upon lead’s position within the sales funnel.

Email automation enhances the productivity of campaign managers and simplifies the process of manging the growing customer base. It guarantees that the timeliness of an email crusade is kept intact by conveying the correct message to the intended inbox at the correct time. Automation pattern will be driven by optimized email marketing software e.g. our own Email Connect.

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  1. Marketers will possess the multiple-channel experience unlike ever before:

Up to this point, marketers have been centered around procurement and loyalty, however, not whatever is left of the lifecycle. In 2018 however, tools and innovations make it feasible for advertisers to completely handle the total customer lifecycle, where customers require that tad more from the brands they cherish.


  1. The writing tone :

During a period where everything is controlled by machines, emails having a conversational tone will have more effect over formal contents. The conversational tone is essentially used to increase individual interaction and improve user engagement. Short and simple paras will rule over long and comprehensive sentences.

Email marketers would solicit a great deal of questions before guiding users to intended landing pages where they can find answers. The conversational tone is known to be useful for a B2C segment, it is recommended to keep up a formal tone for a B2B correspondence. 2018 is a peak time for hitting an individual cord with customers.


  1. Change in the marketing funnel :

One-size-fits-all funnel, customer experience or journey are no longer present. There is a change in the funnel, and new advertising strategies are on the ascent. Leads can come in at any stage and email marketing has become a primary channel at each phase of this new funnel. Marketers should possess the entire customer journey, not simply consider filtering out touchpoints en route.

So, one can see that Email Marketing has gained prime importance. Get acquainted to Email Marketing and other Digital Marketing concepts with the help of Digital Marketing courses.


  1. Mobile optimized emails :

A number of studies states that numerous users access notifications and emails on their mobile. This makes it clear that the future of email marketing lies in mobile. Emails need to be mobile optimized so that they are speedier to load and create high CTRs. Responsive email design guarantees that email is easily readable and actionable independent of the gadget used to access it. For enhanced readability on mobiles, emails having a short subject line, brief body matter, one column layout, bigger font size and a little image will be trending in 2018. Other than that, noticeable call-to-action will facilitate emails being more actionable.


  1. Integrated video :

Email marketers would prefer not to leave any stone unturned to get the consideration of customers. The endeavor to integrate video within the email is a straightforward sign of that. Included videos in emails, enhances the overall user experience and guarantees high engagement. Embedded videos are appropriate for advertisers who need to exhibit product features. Nonetheless, because of Spam and security popular email clients such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo are yet to offer support for this. In the event that that happens, a blended video can possibly turn into the most smoking hot email marketing patterns in 2018.


  1. A/B Testing :

A/B testing is a technique where you send distinctive varieties of email to an alternate group of subscribers to analyze which email type works the best for your endorsers. The variation can be delivered with respect to subject lines, subject content, email templates, call-to-action buttons and so forth.

There are different email tools such as EmailConnect, available to assist you A/B test your email campaign. Tools like these can automatically send varieties to choose subsets. The email format that plays out the best is sent automatically to the rest of the subscribers. A/B testing is an effective approach to enhance open and click through rates of your email and is the fate of email marketing.

One can say that an authentic email marketing campaign will be the one that targets the correct gathering of people, keeps them engaged, helps cultivate your leads, keep a track of the analytics and offers A/B test for better trials.

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