13 Instagram Stats Social Media Marketers Need to Know in 2019

13 Instagram Stats Social Media Marketers Need to Know in 2019

Every year is a booming year for social network sites and is growing faster than ever. Facebook being one largest used network globally. Social media has a constant presence in the lives of its users, social networks have a decidedly strong social impact. The blurring between offline and virtual life as well as the concept of digital identity and online social interactions are some of the aspects that have emerged recently.

Instagram Statistics for [2019]

The number of Instagram users has surpassed over 1 billion, making Instagram the third-largest social media platform. In June 2018, Facebook has crossed one billion marks, which makes it stand first among all of the other social media, and YouTube being the second. Since June 2016, Instagram’s user-base has doubled. This social network had around 500 million users in June 2016.

Comparatively, there are only 25 million business profiles that are active. Yet there are plenty of rooms available for the growth of business profile among insta users. Instagram has tremendously connected the business accounts for customers. With over 2 billion active users are using the service feature of business account for promotions.


The social network boasts a 2.2% per follower interaction in Instagram vs .22% for Facebook. Post along with location-tagged get another 80% interaction. It is reported that 71% of users are aged below 35-age-group, and among college students, there is 32 percent of Instagram-users also and Half of Instagram users follow at least one brand. Interestingly, 38% of users check it multiple times a day. Among Android Instagram users spend at least 53 minutes per day on the platform.

In 2017 Facebook announced that Instagram Stories surpassed its competition by acquiring 250 million daily active users within a year of its launch. That’s roughly 50% of Instagram’s total number of daily active users accessing the application i.e, Instagram Stories had 250 million users compared to Snapchat’s 166 million.

Instagram Stories

Instagram For Business Statistics

  • 90% of the world’s top 100 brands are on Instagram. This gives us an insight into how important is Instagram today. Even so, there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram which are mostly occupied by visual brand (96% of fashion brands). Additionally, half of all these businesses create at least one story per month.
  • Instagram ad revenue has doubled in 2018.it has created about $9 billion ad revenue in 2018. Emarketer expects Instagram’s growth to accelerate in the next few years, a growth of  989.1 million is expected by the end of 2022.
  • Instagram advertising is part of the Facebook Ads platform that allows businesses to advertise their products and services across Facebook platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. Being an integral part of the Facebook advertising platform, helps Instagram to propel the revenue it generates with 3X, 2X year-over-year growth.

Instagram Stories surpassed its competition by acquiring 250 million daily active users

  • Instagram is one of the top mobile apps that hundreds of millions of people use daily to capture moments in their lives with a picture or video. It continues to grow rapidly, allowing Facebook, which acquired the app 5 years ago, to retain people, who aren’t into what its flagman Facebook app has to offer, within their overall fan base. With the number of users, almost three times bigger than Snapchat, Instagram successfully borrows features initially developed by Snapchat – Instagram Stories is the best example – and make them popular amongst its user base.
  • Instagram can be used has one of the best ways to make money. To influence people, we need to build up an audience in a specific niche, and there are a lot of different options, then work with brands to share content related to their products or services.

More about Instagram Marketing

13+ Instagram Stats That Marketers Can’t Ignore This Year

By reviewing your product, we can build up some influence and then offer to share reviews of specific products, sharing your thoughts in videos or captions.

  • Having an Instagram manager for your brand can help u work within specializes in posting on Instagram.
  • By being an Instagram social seller, makes it possible to sell products directly on Instagram using a buy button or posting products for sale and then invoicing your followers who show interest.

Insta story with buy button

  • We can also use your Instagram account and Instagram Story to share affiliate links to specific products or services and then earn a commission on each sale.
  • You can also use Instagram to offer more general consulting services to other businesses, simply using the platform to share your knowledge and build up your credibility with potential clients.


Growing a dedicated following on Instagram won’t happen overnight. So once you get the ball rolling, you’ll notice that your brand will start to build organically. If you implement these techniques into action and you’ll see how powerful Instagram can be for to promote your business. Digital Marketing Courses in Pune help you learn the core techniques of Instagram business to upscale your business stats.

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