Advanced and In-Depth SEO Training in Pune

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About SEO
This module is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which forms a major and important part of Digital Marketing. Under this, you will be introduced to the major search engines, and various aspects related to them like how they work etc.

You would also be provided an insight into important and core SEO concepts like Keyword research and competition, On-page and Off-Page optimization. The structure of the module is such that by the end of it, trainees will not just gain the essential knowledge and skills, but also will be able to implement them.


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  • Keyword Research and Competition
  • Keyword Research training at Digital Trainee removes the perplexity from Keyword Research. We train you on different aspects such as keyword research, keyword choices, month to month search results, keyword competition along with seasonal patterns.

    You will also figure out how to successfully find, assess and select the best keywords for optimum results. Analyzing your competitors' sites and blogs to discover what key expressions they target; Check out the relevant searches on Google and other popular search engines.

    Our SEO course in Pune, is best suited for Web Professionals, Businesses and Designers to enable them to settle on key decisions related to their online marketing endeavors and target customer hunting.

  • Onpage and Offpage SEO Optimization:
  • Under Onpage SEO, we cover things like modifying the site pages, headers, URL structure, content, images and so forth. We want our candidates to know how to optimize site pages pull in Google bots and make them noteworthy to users, impression creation, CTRs, etc. Our onpage SEO sessions help our candidates to comprehend the approaches to build a good reputation for site page instead of attracting search engine spiders.

    Offpage SEO will cover different ethical practices for obtaining greater quality reputations, gaining local visibility, link building, article submission etc.

    Thus, we cover in-depth Onpage and Offpage SEO optimization, as a part of this course.

Google search Console happens to be a free service from Google for the webmasters (one who hosts and runs a site). It is an extremely useful toolset that can assist anybody with a site to get valuable bits of information for SEO purposes.

So to begin with, as a part of SEO training, you would learn what the Google search Console is all about on the pretext of SEO and site health. Along with this, you would also get to know how you can track the search query for the past 30 Days with the help of WMT.

By the end of this module, you would have the capacity to maintain Web environment of a site post distinguishing system requirements, upgrade installation and posting updates. You can likewise keep a check on site's overall performance with the assistance of Google search Console.

The Content Marketing module will prepare you on the advanced and latest content marketing strategies to accomplish the marketing targets. This module comprises of details regarding content strategies and tactics for various kinds of organizations – B2C, B2B enterprises and for various advertising channels such as email, social media, blogs, PR and so forth., techniques to create unique and engaging content and measuring outcomes of content marketing.

Ace the numerous components of Content Marketing by building up a profound understanding of demographics, customer specific psychology, strategies to draw in and engage users and measuring effectiveness of the content. Post studying this module, you will gain the skills to create all the more captivating and top quality content that resounds with your targeted audience over all your advertising and social media channels.

At the end of this module, you will obtain a sound knowledge and gain mastery in content marketing.

Remember, Content Marketing is not any more an alternative that businesses can ignore. Content Marketing has turned into a vital component to building brand value, engagement, prospects, social approval and to facilitate conversions for your business.

As a part of this module of Digital Trainees' SEO classes in Pune, you will get to learn why local search has gained popularity in the last few years and how to carry out optimization for the local search terms, that also comprises how to optimize your Google Places page.

In the event that you belong to the SEO industry and are looking to switch to a bigger branded SEO organization or an MNC then you should know the concept of Local SEO. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer offering SEO services to your self earned clients then this Local SEO module can help you to win more clients and deals.

As a part of our Google Analytics sessions, we'll learn and investigate approaches to utilize Google Analytics to accumulate more significant data, analyze it in a better manner and influence your site to perform. Right from the most basic definitions to event tracking for cross-domain tracking, we have you trained on all this.

The module takes you through how data is gathered and transformed into comprehensible reports. You'll figure out how to utilize configurations such as Custom Metrics, Custom Dimensions and Event Tracking to gather data that is particular/relevant to your business. The module will likewise exhibit further advanced analysis methods making use of segmentation, audience reports, channel reports and custom reports, in addition marketing techniques such as remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing that display ads to visitors who have gone by your site.

Regardless of whether you are a new bee to web analytics or new at utilizing Google Analytics, or need a revision on the basic Google Analytics reports and tools, this one is definitely for you. We'll begin with learning fundamental metrics, and afterwards gain a comprehension of how we can report about site performance by taking a gander at our site content, traffic, conversions and users. Throughout the duration of this module, we'll likewise demonstrate to you how to utilize diverse reporting tools in the interface.

Thus we take you through the details of all the essential aspects related to SEO, as a part of this intensive training programme from Digital Trainee.

Our advanced and optimally designed SEO course modules can transform our SEO trainees to provide professional SEO optimization services of highest standards. We will assist our students to enhance their insight in use of proven content management systems for the various SEO projects. No wonder it is considered to be amongst the best SEO courses in Pune.

Join now and build a career for yourself !!!

Digital Trainee is a SEO training institute in Pune, that offers courses in Digital Marketing, Web Designing etc. as well.

Having your application positioned among top search and downloads is a critical aspect of doing online business in this era. In excess of 3 million mobile applications attempting to vouch for a significant position on app stores, being found in any case is the thing that a SEO course in Pune, should concentrate on. That's exactly what we do as a part of this module, in our training programme. Much the same as SEO ruled the world of web content for quite a while, Application Store Optimization or ASO happens to be a vital component canvassed in the online marketing syllabus.

This module covers specific optimization strategies for both Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple's App Store (iOS). These include the following:

  • Figure out how to utilize tested and genuine ASO tools to locate the best optimization strategy and spare time and exertion in your application optimization process.
  • Get to know how to come up with a perfect title that is appealing to the users as well as the App Store Ranking.
  • Figure out how to locate the best keywords that will enable a rise in your search ranking and can take you into popular charts.
  • Understand how to boost the visibility and increment downloads of your mobile App or Game on the Google App Store/iOS.
  • Learn how to decide on the launch time of your application for maximum visibility and downloads.

All this and more...

The Google Play Store and iStore are the largest sources of getting free traffic for your application. It is definitely wise to invest your time and efforts into pulling in this traffic. You simply need to know how to enhance your application ranking to bring in traffic and eventually get more downloads for your app.

That's exactly where this App Store Optimization (ASO) module can prove to be of great help.

Digital Trainee presents to you, an intensive and practical training programme in SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Ours is India's first ever practical based training programme, in this very domain. As a part of this SEO training in Pune, we focus on theory as well as practical training. The emphasis is more on the later part. SEO is nothing but the process of implementing various strategies in sync with the search engine standards, to position higher in search results. Basically, it involves traffic generation to a particular site, through the medium of organic search results. Working in this domain, would involve performing various SEO related activities. Without a doubt, SEO has turned out to be a fundamental factor in any online business’s success, particularly in this age where clients and customers assess brands by their presence on the Internet. SEO Is the main part of effective digital marketing strategy.


Who All Can Undergo This Course ?

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Marketing Professionals

If you belong to this category, undergoing this course can help you reach newer heights in your career. This one is definitely for you.

Students/College Pass Outs

If you are searching for a job oriented course under IT services with a handsome salary.

Small Entrepreneurs

On the off chance that you are a small time entrepreneur hoping to promote your business on the Internet, you can gain knowledge about customized SEO techniques relevant to your business, from us.

Web designers/

Any individual who is a professional in the Web Designing and Development vertical ought to know about the significance of SEO in their industry. This course is ideal for such professionals ! Designing/Development skills combined with SEO skills can give your career a huge boost.


Key Features:

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100% Job Support:
Post completion of SEO training, you will be provided 100% Job Assistance by us.
100% Practical Training:
We boast of being the first practical SEO training institute. Which means we emphasize on enhancing your practical SEO skills along with the theoretical part? In the end, practical knowledge is what is going to help you when you enter the industry.
Live Project Experience:
We provide candidates with an opportunity to work on live projects for practice. This practical experience would be valuable for them as they enter the professional environment.
Life time learning facility free of cost!
Be a lifetime member of Digital Trainee. Gets lifetime learning access by enrolling for this course. You can visit us anytime and learn with us. Get your concepts cleared. Revise already taught topics and update your SEO knowledge with us. All this and more as a part of our anytime learning access! That too at no extra cost !!!
Personal attention and guidance:
Limited intake per batch to facilitate personal attention and guidance to each and every trainee during the SEO training at Digital Trainee.
Latest revised syllabus:
We have a team of experienced SEO professionals who would be training you and giving you practical insights into varied topics. Learn from the experts and become one!
Digital Trainee awards a certificate to all those candidates who successfully complete this course. Now become a certified SEO professional.
Interview Preparation:
We conduct special interview preparation sessions for students, where we provide tips for cracking the interview. Mock interviews are conducted for practice. In addition, soft skill training is also provided for overall personality development.
One day free session on a daily basis:
Digital Trainee allows students to attend training sessions for an entire day, absolutely free! Students can consider them as demo sessions. In this way, students would get a first hand experience of the training conducted at the institute.
Convenient Batches:
We have flexible batch timings at our SEO training institute in Pune. You have the freedom to choose from weekday or weekend batches as per your convenience. Considering the tight schedules of working professionals, we have suitable batch timings for them. They can even attend classes depending on their weekly offs. Our batch timings are from ‘morning 8 am to evening 10 pm’, both on weekdays and weekends.

Outcomes - Meet Our Successful Alumni

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